an artist's intake on recent development in stock market

Luckily, for once, the economy hasn’t been that bad after all. It just came from the big guys that the U.S. bank stocks are flying high and above the expectation levels of a lot of people out there. Such factors are driving investors to expect more from the upcoming outcome regarding the stock market, in the next few days.

JPMorgan Chase 7 Co. showed some promising results last Friday, while rest of the major organizations is still due to report. Probably they’ll be submitting their latest figures in the next week or by the end of this week. It seems that the stocks have more room to run higher, because of the rise in the overall shares of banks from different corners of the U.S.

But we also know that the stock market can turn the tide any time without prior warnings. The situation, which we think as something “good”, may change suddenly. As for JP Morgan’s output, their revenue charts indicated a strong improvement and the CEO said that they’ll be increasing the dividends anytime soon.

The investor party is still daydreaming about bank dividends. They think that the dividends will be reinstated because it’d help them invest vigorously in different ongoing money making schemes. Likewise, the Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are also expected to skyrocket with respect to a steady demand in the market. Let’s see how things will turn out.