Back in 2008, the NJ College was banned from all sorts of energy drinks on campus. How do I know that? For starters, I wrote the report for an asshole of a client, and b) you can Google it. Also in 2010, Ramapo College also banned energy drinks and other caffeinated beverages as a move to show support for students’ health.

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Ever since Red Bull was first introduced in the market, there has been reports of cardiac arrests, heart palpitations and other fatal internal injuries. People, especially parents, had a hard time when trying to make their kids understand the harmful effects of these drinks.

Yes, it is true that energy drinks give you an energy boost, but it is not worth it. People who are intolerant to caffeine have to drink lots more than what an average guy would consume, to get that “high.”

Even in 2008, these drinks were so cheap that you could purchase an entire carton for a few bucks. For school and college level students, it did require a bit of chipping in. However, given the level of competition going on between energy drink manufacturers these days, the prices have dropped or remained somewhat consistent. It is not hard for minors to get access to these beverages.

As stated earlier in this article, the most common energy drink ingredient is Caffeine, which is followed by other harmful allies. There were numerous cases of students at NJ College, who were hospitalized between 2008 and 2010. Especially when we talk about the shitty Four Loko brand, there have been common cases where NJ College students OD’d. The college President not only sent Four Loko back home but also imposed a heavy fine on any student in possession of such energy drinks

So much for the “Red Bull Gives Me Wing” motto, because the only wings you get; they take you straight to heaven or hell. Four Loko was laboratory tested for traces of alcoholic ingredients in it. An anonymous former 4 Loko victim said, “If you want to get drunk and all you got is $2 on you, then go for Four Loko. You’ll never need to buy any beer or whiskey.”

My Stance on Energy Drinks?

I never tried 4 Loco/ Four Loco. I did go for Red Bull but I am not a big fan of its sugary taste. The high doesn’t last that long, and I would sometimes use Red Bull when I’d run out of pre workout supplements. Mostly, I’d stick to a good ol scoop of BSN NoXplode and NeuroCore because I am a gym rat.