Some people think that Apple MacBook Air is a marvel of an invention, while others don’t. Frankly it’s a matter of opinion if you ask me. I, myself, have never used an Apple device; nope, not even the iPhone. I did see a few friends clutching their iPhones close to their hearts, but that’s as far as it goes.

Macbook Air view from Left Side

As for the rest of the Apple hardware, I have only tried the iPod once or twice. I don’t hate Apple, I just never got a chance to own any of the company products. On the contrary, when I look at the MacBook Air I cannot stop but notice that Apple has retained its design and schematics for several years now. It is the same MacBook Air design on the outside, regardless of the specs on the inside.

How so? Why didn’t Apple bother to change the MacBook Air design despite of all the budget, the innovative panel of creative artists, developers and vice versa? The beat of the drum rolls to latest tablet designs. I am currently using a Dell Inspiron Core i7 7537 laptop and I do regret a few things here and there. I will talk about that in detail later in this article; let’s move on to Apple MacBook Air design debate.

MacBook Air View from Right Side

So the question is why Apple has not decided to offer a new design to the Air user community? MacBook Air is facing a series of contenders that can detach, swivel, turn at weird angles and of course offer you the touchscreen option. Then again, despite of its standard layout, the MacBook Air is still going head strong, it is desired and also a genuinely interesting product in the market.

The touch screen debate vs. the MacBook Air design:

Both in theory and in practice, the touch system is useless for MacBook Air. At the moment, the current operating system that comes with the Air does not support the touch system. Even if it did, the function would be useless because the screen cannot be detached. Trust me, detachment is an essential function here.

I spent a fair amount of fortune on the Inspiron Core i7 series laptop; it has the touch system, but it is literally useless. I have to reach out all the way to the screen to use it. If only Dell offered the screen detach option, I’d have been in love with this 7537 series laptop. Sadly, you cannot do much with a non-detachable screen, even if it is touch system based.

Whatever the MacBook Air comes with, it is making good and fair use of the technology. The design never needed to change. It is the same old chassis and the slim old layout with enough size to fit an airplane’s portable table. If you are traveling and have an Air, it’s size will be equal to that of an iPad or a similar tablet.

You can easily carry it around because of the “old” design. The airline tray is one idea; there are tons more where due to its size, the MacBook Air sits down perfectly. By the way, Apple creators take their time to probably get approval from the company heads and then proceed with design related changes. For instance, we all saw that the MacBook Pro was upgraded to a new design after a long time; it happened last year.

So to add to the discussion, I will say that the revamped design of the Pro reeked of innovativeness. It had no resemblance to the cylindrical ancestors that once sat on your desk. Likewise, the MacBook Air is also not going to be seeing a change in its visual appearance for a long time. Maybe by the end of 2014 when Apple has made announcement concerning the release of a new MacBook Air model, we will see something different.

I am sure of one thing though, there is definitely going to be a decrease in the weight of the upcoming whatever-book that Apple has up its sleeve. As far as the screen resolution goes, the standard 1366 X 768 resolution is as much effective as any other portable device resolution. If you were to go for a higher resolution, let’s say the 1920 X 1080 pixels, it will of course take a toll on the graphics performance of the said device.

In a nutshell, while maintaining the same screen dynamics and the resolution, Apple revamped the Air model with the addition of Retina display technology. The same display now looks superior to its counterparts. At the same time, one cannot overlook the MacBook Air battery life.

It has retained its run time without any depreciation concerning the overall performance. The battery is intelligent; it saves the juice till the last drop and let’s a person save, finish or start his/ her job without any hassles.

What’s the big deal with the Dell Inspiron 7537?

So as I stated earlier that I recently bought a 7537 Dell Inspiron for a little over $1,000. Eh… now I am kind of regretting it. Not that it is a shabby laptop, but the touch screen system is pretty much not needed. Its specs are great.

The device comes with a 2 GB GeForce 750 series card, 16 Gigs of RAM and 1 TB hard drive; what else could you ask for? My only qualm is that the screen does not detach as some of the portable notebook and laptops that are coming today with touchscreen option. The rest is fine. You can take a look at my lappy’s pics below.

IMAG0494 IMAG0495 IMAG0497 IMAG0498