Assosiated press photo of CIA agent Raymond Davis in police custody

Raymond Davis, a supposed U.S. Diplomat, was recently arrested by Pakistani police authorities for the murder of 2 men in Lahore. The U.S. Embassy is now making demands for the release of Davis, who according to the Washington officials, was just “defending” himself when the shootings occurred.

If you have been hooked to the news recently, you must’ve caught a glimpse or two of this Caucasian guy who was being hauled over to the police station, midst hundreds of heads bobbing around him. Well guess what, he has been identified as Raymond Davis, a U.S. consulate worker who was deployed in Pakistan.  

According to his side of the story, it was just another routine day. He was headed to the ATM Machine for cash withdrawal, when 2 men approached him on a motorcycle, with a pistol strapped to their side. They wanted him to hand over the recently withdrawn cash, but didn’t know that the U.S. consulate was armed with a loaded Beretta. Seconds later, shots were fired, killing one of the perpetrators instantly, while the other guy was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The incident has stoked Anti-American sentiments from all sorts of Pakistani citizens. Looks like Davis will be walking free pretty soon because he enjoys diplomatic immunity as per the U.S. law. Another weird thing is that his identity hasn’t been confirmed by the U.S. Embassy officials in Islamabad. Either “Davis” was an undercover agent, a marine, or probably just another guy who was assigned to execute some sort of strategic plans.