Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will be released on 29 July this year.

The tech giant said on Monday 31st May 2015 that Windows 10 will be available for PC and tablets users as an upgrade from 29th July. It will be free for the Windows 7 users. Windows 10 mobile will be released later this year for Smartphone users. The new version will be free for the PC users who have bought a system in the last six years that have Windows 7 installed on their systems. It will be free for tablets with Windows 8.1

Windows 7 and Windows Mobile 8.1 users who will be receiving upgrades from 1st June 2015 through 29 July 2015 will receive the Windows as an upgrade and update.   

New addition to the old OS

Windows is the most widely used operating system in the world.  Windows 10 will be the next addition to the most popular Operating system.  Most of the homes in the world use Windows OS and PC’s. Windows is also crucial for the businesses world over.  

Despite this dominance, many experts say that the company is losing its hold as cheap software for smartphones and OS are munching away Microsoft’s share.  With Windows 10, Microsoft is pursuing two goals: to repair the damage done in the competition and renew the users’ trust after disliked Windows 8. It also has to convince the users the upgrade the OS and stopping the users from switching over to other OS.

Rumors Brewed

The rumor of the windows July release was brewing since April after AMD’s head discussed the timeline. Lisa Su head of AMD talked about the release on a conference call. Microsoft did not give any clue to the release date. Microsoft was following some mysterious policy as its release date was not discussed during its developers’ conference held in April. Critics said that the OS would not be ready in time.


The price of the Windows 10 Home has been set on $119. The professional version Windows 10 Pro will cost $199. For users who want to upgrade from Home to Pro, they will have to spend $99. The prices match to that of Windows 8.

Users’ part in making of OS

Windows as an upgrade will be accessible to the users who will sign-up for the software-in-progress program. Microsoft is being quite liberal this time with this program.  The program was launched in September last year. It lets users receive constant updates of software from the company. The feedback and criticism have been incorporated in the updates.

This lets the product be more user-friendly and bug-free.  The users have seen OS evolve over the years. Some of the changes include the overhauled version of Startup button and removal of tablet driven user interface of Windows 8. The Internet Explorer is also getting good-bye in this version of windows.

Edge will be debuting as the next web browser by Microsoft. It also offers improved version of Cortana. Cortana is the voice-based digital assistant. Windows have followed the policy of one window to rule them all. It is the towering philosophy used in Windows 10.

Windows’ Dominance

NetMarketShare cites Windows as the most widely used software in the world. Around 90 percent of the computers have Windows as an OS. In the Smartphone market the company had to struggle since it started late; the developers focused on iOS, Google Android, and other software. Meanwhile, Windows was busy with PC and tablet OS. Similarly, the PC’s sale is also declining.

Microsoft changed the business model

Microsoft is now following the policy of powering different devices by their respective operating systems (Windows for PC, tablets, Smartphone). Apple has successfully offered Apple OS for Mac, iPhone, and iPads. They function remarkably well with each other. Now, Microsoft is converging its resources to develop similar symbiosis. This is a kind of a big gamble that the software giant is about to play.

Microsoft has changed its business model lately. The CEO of Microsoft says that the users should see Windows as a service and not as a product. The model is already in progress with software like Microsoft Office 365 which is available on subscribing. It includes traditional programs such as Office, Excel, and PowerPoint, etc. Microsoft has been always available as a product, and the users have to make an effort to see it as a service.  

As Microsoft is pursuing the service model, things are not clear whether the Windows users will be able to get Windows 11 ever or not. Meanwhile, the vice president of the operating system promised that the users who will upgrade to Windows 10 will get benefits for a long time.

Some future predictions

Being the sole provider of software to the world’s 90 percent computer users, it earns revenue in billions. Now, the cloud computing services have added another way to add the revenue for the software company. The cloud services are going to earn $6.1 billion this year. The vice president speculates that the revenue will soar to $20 billion in the next three years. The current CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella was head of the cloud computing services’ head.

Microsoft aims to get to 1 billion devices by 2018 running on Windows 10. This goal seems to be quite ambitious since the latest version of OS is  only 15 percent of the total devices worldwide. Windows 8 was released in 2012.

The bugs in the OS

The update users have reported some bugs. There was some problem with the Start button. Some devices had issues with sound files. The company has tried to solve these glitches, but the problems have persisted in the updates. The OS is being coded now. The company has to decide whether to weed out the glitches before release or to solve these issues in the updates. The new OS system has added new apps as well.

Looking forward

The release of Windows 10 is being seen with enthusiasm by both the company and the consumers. The company hopes to regain its past strength with a zest. The users are hoping that the old OS will bring about some real changes in the OS which will improve its usefulness. Although the task seems a bit hard, it is not farfetched, the company has to reassure the users that this is the OS that has been with them for more than two decades. This extended relation had a reason.