Evan Blass, a mobile news reporter at enGadget and various other online platforms, recently tweeted some exciting stuff about Samsung Note 7. Blass AKA: evleaks revealed the color categories in which the highly anticipated flagship Samsung device will be released in.

Also there have been a lot of rumors about upcoming changes, both physical and visual, in the Note 7 mobile. But here are a few things that need to be paid attention to.

  • Shortly after his tweet, Evan said, it’s a 6, and “7” was in fact a typo.
  • He again tweeted that if you count in the popular curved screen and edge feature for a variant of the regular upcoming Note 6, than we may as well call it the Note 7.

Anyhow, Note 7 or Note 6, this upcoming smartphone will be released in Black Onyx, Blue Coral and Silver Titanium colors. It seems that the company is not going for Golden, White and the usual Black color this time.

What you are looking in the appended image is a confirmation of few things, such as but not limited to:

evan blass at engadget tweets about upcoming Note 7 color variations

  • Stylus availability
  • Curved LED screen/ edges
  • 7 inches QHD display area
  • A rear 12 megapixel and front 5 megapixel camera

Reportedly, this new Samsung Note mobile will also feature an inbuilt storage space of 64 Gigabytes, water resistance and enhanced battery life as well.