defendant in the Maria Avelina Palaguachi-Cela  murder

A gaping dumpster in Brockton stood witness to the dead bodies of a 25-year-old mother, and her 2-Year-old son. It was a gruesome discovery that later on led authorities to a mysterious trail of investigation.

427 Warren Avenue doesn’t look a great spot for outdoorsy activities. Recently, a girl named Maria Avelina Palaguachi-Cela and her 2-Year old son: Brian, were found dead in the trash. Timothy J. Cruz, the Plymouth County Dist. Attorney said, “This is a terrible crime scene. When we think of what would’ve happened to the mother and child before they were killed, it’s just too horrible. Who’d want to kill a 2 year old child?

As usual, the cops are sniffing out traces of an Ex relationship, boyfriend, legal or illegal activities that Maria may have been involved in. Since this girl wasn’t from the United States, it makes the case look more suspicious. The authorities are keeping their files open for any last minute details or anonymous tips.

By the way, if it weren’t for an unknown caller, they bodies may have gone undiscovered for several weeks. Someone dialed the Brockton Police Station number, to inform them about a “Woman’s body that was stuffed inside a dumpster in the backyards of one of the remotest residential areas.”

Initially when the police pulled Maria’s body, they didn’t know that her son was in there too. Little Brian was probably dumped in first. His body was buried deep within the trash. On the bright side, at least the killer didn’t mangle or mutate the bodies because they were completely intact.

Cruz thinks that the residential area has made it a little tough for the investigators to identify any leads. Anyone, with any information, can call the investigating authorities at this number: (508)-941-0234. I personally don’t think that someone would step forward with a phone call, even if he or she knew something useful.

Why? It is just the way it is. People don’t want to get involved in these cases. Their carelessness always encourages criminals to go on with their business. It makes me think that day by day, more people are dying of criminal activities, corruption, extortion, rape and murder. Natural cause of death is becoming a rarity these days…