So the elections are finally over; I don’t care whether you were a Trump or a Clinton supporter. I wasn’t supporting either one of them, but when I heard Trump got elected, it did disappoint me a lot. I guess, I had my soft spot for Hillary because of all the support she was getting and the media attention. Anyhow, what’s done is done and we are going to have to bear with Mr. Trump for an entire term.


The question is how Trump’s reign is going to impact the technology industry. For starters, we all know that a lot of things are going to be affected by Mr. Trump’s policies and decisions, but let’s just talk about technology and Silicon Valley in the light of recent events.

We all know for a fact that Hillary Clinton was seriously backing up the tech industries in the U.S. Trump’s policies are strong against immigrants, Muslims and guns etc. I have not heard him talk a lot about establishing new vistas to help expand technology forefronts.

At the moment, we have more and more people setting foot in the Silicon Valley. A lot of entrepreneurs are stepping up the game in the cloud industry, and we also have new job openings available at Amazon AWS sector. On the contrary, it is too early and we can only speculate about the kind of impression Donald Trump is going to make on the tech side of things.

Clintons were running data driven campaigns and we heard a lot about “server” and “email” issues. On the serious side, she was quoted as a technocrat and so was former President Obama. But as I see towards the future, I think that Trump may create more jobs in America by diversifying funding which usually goes to aid wars.

He kept saying that we are all at the moment of crisis; whether we regress or progress that is yet to be seen. Some people are afraid but I am only thinking that there is nothing to fear but fear itself… Let us hope that he truly sticks to his motto and makes America “great.” To all my Muslim friends and readers out there; I can understand the state of shock and doubt you’re in. I hope nothing bad happens in the next 4 years. The world is already a battleground and too fucked up…