Andrew Auernheimer mugshot in an undated file photo

What do you get for stealing email addresses and personal info of more than 120,000 iPad users? Ask Andrew Aurenheimer and Daniel Spitler, they’re gonna fill you in on some up, close, and personal experiences. Both of these gentlemen were charged by the U.S. Prosecutors for accessing personal information of users, without their consent. The charges were categorized as:

  • Breach of Privacy
  • Unethical intrusion
  • Use of Computer without Authorization
  • Conspiracy (One Count Only)

The said charges were pressed by AT&T because Spitler and Aurenheimer used its 3G network to carry on with their intentions. As much as some people hate the duo, I have to give them credit for revealing some gaping holes in the security of wireless networks.

To make matters worse, lawyers of these two fellows are not available for any comments. Perhaps they bailed because of the absence of any supportive evidence. All fingers point to Spitler and Aurenheimer for now, as the world of iPad users has become yet another tight spot for the privacy conscious.