They call him Obama’s favorite General. Known as “General James E. Cartwright”, the senior level U.S. Marine Corps officer was allowed to go free, after being charged for having sexual relationships with a subordinate.

Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs Of Staff Gen. Cartwright Discusses Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal Effort

Gen. Cartwright was also considering getting nominated for the Joint Chief’s position recently. Looks like the sex charges are going to make him go through some unexpected potholes. He was allegedly having physically intimate relationship going on with a junior level young female officer, who used to serve as one of his military aides.

The U.S. Army and the Department of Justice let off the General with two minor infractions.

  1. Fostering/Harboring Unfamiliar Relationships with a Female Officer on Duty
  2. Failure to Discipline a Subordinate

The case was viewed and reviewed by Ray Mabus, the U.S. Navy Secretary. Mabus reached the conclusion that “there wasn’t enough evidence” to withhold Gen. Cartwright under any charges or punishment.

The case has been open since 2009, when Mr. Cartwright stepped up his game for taking the position as the New Joint Chiefs Staff. Some say that it was just an inside conspiracy to ruin his reputation. There’re always opposing parties who wouldn’t want a certain individual or group of men to prosper.

The most prominent report of this sexual encounter surfaced the media after March 2009. It is said that Gen. Cartwright was working in a hotel room, when a female aide (from the U.S. Military) stumbled upon Cartwright’s room. She was heavily drunk and a little disturbed over personal family matters.

According to the President’s favorite General, the woman, whose name has not yet been released, walked into the room and sat on the bed. She passed out for 45 minutes, but Cartwright didn’t even bother to look at her. He remained busy at what he was doing at that time, and the woman woke up on her own and composed herself later on. She left the room afterwards.

The story is completely unbelievable. The inquiries are still questioning General James E. Cartwright’s lack of judgment and the real deal concerning the incidents on the night of March 2009.