Due to high inflation and unemployment rate across the United States, it wouldn’t come to you as a surprise if you haven’t been able to get a job lately. Don’t worry, it’s all part of the governments grand plan to strip every one of their morality and create barbaric criminals out of them!

Unemployed and Waiting for a Miracle - Google Images

Despite of the joblessness factor, the US business productivity is rising at a consistent rate. There was a 1.9 percent increase in the annual rate, which was just posted by the Labour Department last Thursday. It means that the figure4s are quite recent and hold credibility.

The Federal Reserve has launched its mega aid program that made it to buy an additional $600 billion worth of government bonds. It was a move to sympathize with the lofty unemployment and risk oriented processes.

A New York based economist, Cary Leahey said, “The big picture is that firms are trying to squeeze every ounce out of the workers they have and this is one reason they feel no need to hire.” However, only a meager 12% of businesses are willing to hire employees. Most of the times, the said employees are hired on temporary terms and on short projects. There is no such thing as loyalty these days, half way through you can get fired for no reason.