worker packing things inside amazon boxes before they leave warehouse

Amazon’s upcoming Prime event is braced for July 12. As usual, the massive online retailer will be teasing its customers with limited time offers, lightning deals and discounts on certain items. To some people, Amazon Prime event is more like a midsummer Black Friday; a kind of frenzied shopping fest to get their hands on anything worth buying.

My personal thoughts about Amazon Prime:

At the time of writing this news update, I have a whole year of Amazon Prime subscription active. I believe I have been a prime user for 2 years now, or maybe slightly more than that. The Prime program is a way of using free shipping offer for me. Last year, I was one of the excited people who wanted to avail Prime’s great offers, but it all frizzled away.

In actuality, I believe now that Amazon Prime shopping event is more like a clearance sale. There are under wears, boxers, useless lawn or kitchen related stuff, pens, color kits, and anything you might not be interested in is put on sale. Then Amazon rolls out a couple of sliders with few minutes remaining to entice customers into buying said items. Most of these items are just wristwatches or notebooks or lame ass TVs etc.

Since Amazon is a huge online retailer, they may run into several hiccups where stock needs to be cleared to make room for fresh inventory. Who knows, maybe the company’s warehouse gets clogged up on Yoga mats, wrenches and toolkits; so much so that they have to devise an inventive way to get rid of it. The slogan should be: “Secure your Amazon Prime event deals today – Same old shit but at a discounted rate.”

And yes, it is a great way of advertising the core Prime program itself. With more subscribers enlisted in Amazon Prime program, who can say No to a constant revenue stream? Nitty gritties aside, Amazon is still famous for such events. The company believes, and likes to admit that last year’s Prime shopping gala was a huge online success.

The trend shows that people prefer buying cooking ware, dog accessories, lawn mowers, beard trimmers, artificial jewelry etc. These shopping trends are divided over a span of demographic statistics. Anyhow, let’s see what this year’s event has to offer. I hear that Amazon is going to announce winners from its Prime Music Experience program. Whoever wins, will have a chance of meeting famous music bands, alongside a slew of free stuff.