We all heard about those “Sweeping” changes that Facebook introduced and look how they “swept” the world off its feet! You can never get too much of privacy settings as long as you are hooked to Facebook and that is why, Facebook decided to revert back to the old settings.

Nick Clegg Frowning over something - Google Images

It wasn’t a simple decision that Facebook made in one day. It took a long time and tons of incidents to make such a huge social networking site; think again about its policies. For instance, the “Like” feature led you to websites and practically anything — and those Websites can now automatically tell about what you have been up to on their pages.

Imagine this; someone from a porn website drops the bomb on you, by letting your friends know that you have been into some twisted fantasies. And I am not lying, incidents like that happen. For instance, you can read these random status message, we got from Facebook;

–          Ann – “Tons of apologies to Nick and David for my drunken antics last night. I really should have shaved before playing naked”!

  • (The above comment was for the British Politicians – Nick Clegg and David Cameron)

–           “My cat just miscarried all over the backyard, looks like it’s another trip to moppin up those fetuses”

It seems like Facebook really did a fine job on sharing those status messages of different users, to the rest of the world. Apart from these fiascos, we have “Openbook” – another feature by Facebook that exposes different people on Facebook, through messages, status messages and much more.

Finally, we can expect some privacy changes from Facebook and it is being hoped that it’d give people an easy way of controlling information in their profiles. Perhaps, these changes are going to be good enough to stop people from opting out of Facebook.