Facebook recently started a Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. Guys still don’t have a clue what “It” or those indirect status updates are referring too. Women are too airtight about the “It” thing.

Woman Posing Topless in Support of Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign - Google Images

I asked around a couple of Facebook ladies and they said that “It” means “Purse”. Obviously, “Purse” is too damn up straight. “It” has to be something else or none of the ladies would have bothered to post messages like the following:

–          I Like it rough

–          I Like it in the Elevator

–          I Like it on the Couch

–          I Like it in the closet

–          I Like it in the car

Perhaps, “It” is something that females do to check for signs of breast cancer. Maybe “It” is referring to an exercise or medication, which helps our lovely lasses to figure out early stages of possible breast cancer or something like that.

Nonetheless, the October Breast Cancer Awareness campaign is going on fine. At least, it has spread the word of awareness among females and that’s all what Facebook developers intended to do. Men are still scratching their noggin, in an attempt to crack the “it” code though.