I remember playing “Psi Ops”, one of the craziest games on the Playstation 2, some years back. The protagonist was an Ex-U.S. Marine who underwent a number of different experiments. The end result was a set of special inhuman abilities that were encrypted in the DNA of this guy. He’d use his newly discovered abilities against wave of enemies throughout the game. “Mind Control” was one of the main tactics of that game.

general william b. caldwell during an undated interview

In case you’re beginning to contemplate the link between a videogame and the current situation in Afghanistan, let me tell you that the U.S. Army is reportedly involved in carrying out “psychological operations” for visiting dignitaries.

The process has been going on for 4 months now (or maybe even longer). According to the U.S. General: William Caldwell, a group of nomad U.S. soldiers is working in Kabul. Their job is to inflict psychological damages on the enemy, to manipulate the current battle situation and make the most out of the available on field resources. Lt. Col. Michael Holmes is a strong part of the “Psyops” team. Holmes said in an undated interview, “My job is to play with people’s heads, to get the enemy to behave the way we want them to behave.”

Do bear in mind that the U.S. Military isn’t the only part of the “Psyops” team in Afghanistan. There’re Senators, such as; Al Franken, Jack Reed, Carl Levin and unnamed organization who’re putting new psychological warfare theories to test. I guess the Talibans and civilians in Afghanistan are the best “subjects” for these experiments.

Col. Holmes also mentioned that the said operations can be carried against the U.S. politicians. “I’m primarily prohibited from using the current tactics on our own people. When you’re asking me to try and use these skills on the U.S. Senators and Congressmen, you’re telling me to cross the line.”