In a move to acquire more online users, Google recently bought Songza. It is an internet based radio service like any other service except for a key change. Well, it anticipates and plays the music that you are itching for. I’d say Songza playlist and track prediction is very accurate – however, on the other hand, the idea is not.

Songza screenshot

As for legal and financial representatives from both companies, they did not disclose the terms or tenure of contract. Google did disclose its intentions of acquiring Songza. The search giant intends to take part in online music streaming industry, which, by the way, is already thriving with competition these days.

I mean, if you look at GrooveShark, SoundCloud and other companies, you already get an idea about the intensity of competition. On top of it, Amazon Music also kicked off recently, so Google’s acquisition of Songza requires a lot of hard work and innovativeness.

Google wants to use its technology for consumers; Songza is no different in this case. On the subject, Songza’s CEO: Elias Roman said, “We’re moving to a time when context is king, when people don’t have to find things. Google’s takeover comes at an important time in that shift.Technology is about to work a lot harder for us. It’s a cool thing to be a small part of that.”

Experts believe that Google will be implementing changes through a step-by-step hierarchical approach. For instance, you cannot expect instant integration of Songza into YouTube or vice versa; such implementations are going to take time. Songza’s main focus is on suggesting music that’s curated by the industry’s leading artists.

For instance, the song streaming service suggests specific tracks that are based on particular activities or occasions. As far as the “anticipation” part is concerned, Songza has incorporated it through its “7 points of context” approach.

  • Day of the week
  • Time of the day
  • Device being used to play the track in question
  • Weather
  • Location
  • Listener’s previous activity at Songza
  • The rest of the Songza users’ activities in regards to previous 6 context points

According to the company’s CEO, Roman, “There are very few services that people want to tell exactly what they’re doing at any given moment. The thing that’s really important is the ability to use data in a way that makes people’s lives better.”