WhatsApp developers are implementing new features that will allow users to share their mood settings, pictures etc. with a slight touch of Snapchat style. The Facebook owned messaging service is busy integrating ideas similar to its rival company Snapchat in an attempt to retain and acquire more consumers.

If WhatsApp’s field testing with Snapchat styles stories is successful, we are looking forward to a major overhaul. Of course, if you are a seasoned WhatsApp user and have already signed up for their beta program, you can take a look at how the currently integrated features are working at both the iOS and Android platform.

However, if you are not a beta tester, to which I think there is a very slim chance, then here is a rundown on how the beta version of WhatsApp stories is looking right now. Over at the Android platform, beta testers have a “Status” button in the message screen section. This is a newly introduced tab, which is a small addition to the interface. Yes, it also does not replace the “Status” option in your WhatsApp profile.


So basically, the new WhatsApp Status tab helps users to share their ephemeral and visual content with contacts. Just like Snapchat, once you have taken the photo, WhatsApp displays several options varying from font color, crop, font size, emoticon etc. to finalize it for upload to any WhatsApp friend. It just takes a gentle tap on the “Send” button and you are golden.

Since WhatsApp is still in experimental phase with the stories feature, the content only stays available for 24 hours from the time it is first shared. Also, because there are literally billions of WhatsApp users out there, the new feature is going to take a toll on the servers due to its massive data storage size. Therefore, WhatsApp may or may not extend the time duration of the upcoming Snapchat style status messages.

At this point, beta testers are not able to minimize or edit the duration of the content availability, or can delete the uploaded content. It stays in the system for a preset time duration by default. If this feature is finalized, it will need additional spam filters, size restrictions and practically more or less of the same stuff that Snapchat stories has, but obviously in a better way.

While it is true that these features are carbon copies of what rival companies are currently offering, Facebook and WhatsApp have a bigger shot at acquiring more active users. Likewise, businesses will see an opportunity for growth, and there is a risk factor going on for competitors, as they are likely to see a downward spike in their revenue stream.

The only question now remains is that WhatsApp will have a hard time figuring out its advertisement campaigns. The application has been ads free if it was not owned by Facebook, but things have changed now. I wonder if WhatsApp will have a say in the ads placement or the overall campaign once Facebook takes the next step towards advertisement?