Wikileaks founder Julian Assange holding a UN bill in his left hand during a press conference

The WikiLeaks debacles aren’t over yet, as British police recently arrested 5 men last Thursday. The U.S. and the U.K. officials are eyeing these men as suspects involved in the recent cyber-attacks in regards to the star studded Denial of Service issues.

A London police officer said, “These men were arrested in relation to the recent Distributed Denial of Services” attacks by an online group. They call themselves Anonymous, but we’ll get to the heart of this matter pretty soon.”  Meanwhile, the FBI is also involved in this case as the authorities believe that these threats are part of a bigger organized group.

They’re working closely with law officials from Germany, France and Netherlands, in order to mitigate any online security threats. WikiLeaks was founded by an Australian native: Julian Assange, who has gone to extra lengths to unmask a lot of famous figures in the past. He also released classified documents related to the war situation in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan.

Assange was recently arrested by the authorities but somehow he was bailed out. The U.S. believes that one of Assange’s secret informants is Bradley Manning, a former U.S. Army Intelligence analyst. Anyone who has been linked to Assange in the past is now a critical suspect. Looks like WikiLeaks is going through a tough time these days. I wish Julian Assange and his correspondents, all the best.