The on-trial Wikileaks founder; Julian Assange recently spoke in a press conference through a Skype call from the embassy. Assange’s legal struggles are continuing to build up, as charges of “rape” and “sexual harassment” have been filed against him.

Julian Assange and Guy Fawkes face combined.

For a founder of a publication network with more than 8 million anonymously submitted reports, the rape charges are pretty unusual. It is obvious that the U.S. and Swedish government wants to shut down this guy once and for all; away from the world and away from internet access or outside acquaintances.

The 42 year old Aussie said, “It is against the stated principles of the United States and the values supported by its people to have a four-year pre-law investigation against a publisher. It is not correct for [US Attorney General] Eric Holder and the DOJ to use weasel words for stating that they will not prosecute a reporter for reporting.”

Assange’s beef with the U.S. Department of Justice is that they are keeping him in a so-called “pre-trial” phase, where the actual hearing for his trial has not even commenced yet. On top of that when this 4 year tenure will be over, the Swedish authorities will begin to seek his extradition over the recently emerged “rape” charges…

Back in 2012, Julian Assange entered the Ecuadorian embassy when the Swedish law enforcement agencies tried to arrest him for sexually assaulting two women. The only way to “resolve” this legal dilemma is for the Wikileaks founder to be on Swedish soil. If he gives up and goes to Sweden for the hearing, it will be a one-way ticket to the U.S.

If he goes to Sweden it will likely be a one-way ticket to the United States.