Gucci is Mine, Bitch - Back Off. - Google ImagesDo you think that “Gucci” is fashion’s most talked about family? These days, the story revolves around a woman named Elisabetta Gucci, who is being sued by Gucci for having similar name, as that of the company’s.

Was this Elisabetta’s fault? No, but that’s not the whole part of the story because some reports say that she is the great great granddaughter of Guccio Gucci, the original founder of Gucci and Elisabetta also worked for the Gucci Group until 1995.

To make things more confusing and rather interesting, Elisabetta announced that she plans to open a chain of Elisabetta Gucci hotels but her arch rival – Gucci Group made a counter statement. The Gucci Group says;

–          Gucci wants to make this thing very clear that they have no relationship or any link to the Elisabetta Gucci Hotels and that the Group is not involved with any project with that chain of Hotels and never will be.

It’s not Elisabetta’s fault if she belongs to a famous line of designers but she should consider herself extremely lucky to be faced with a mere lawsuit. The Gucci family already had its name strung up in serious financial feuds, legal issues and darker affairs, several times in history.

For the record, the accounts of Paolo Gucci, the former chief designer of the company, still remain widely popular. He was fired for his weird management practices and was imprisoned later on, for failing to pay for child support.

By now, if your appetite hasn’t been filled up by the ghastly details of the infamous Gucci clan, then you can log on to Fashion Statement’s official website for full details about the notorious family.