Mark Zuckerberg, head of the famous social network, Facebook, talked about the U.S. government’s surveillance program in the light of recent scandals. In his opinion, the failure not only caused uproar in the user privacy community, but also labelled the NSA and CIA as organizations with immoral ethics.

Mark Zuckerberg during an undated press conference - Google Images

Zuckerberg revealed his perspective on online privacy and government surveillance programs during an interview with ABC. “I think that these things are always a balance, in terms of doing the right things and also being clear and telling people about what you’re doing.” In addition to his comment, Facebook CEO’s punch line was the “U.S. really blew it” expression, which, in my opinion, finagled a lot of people into hating the guy even more.

I think the government really blew it on this one. And I honestly think that they’re continuing to blow it in some ways.” Really Mr. Zuckerberg? The government blew it on this one? So would you like to advocate online/ real life privacy ethics and teach a few things to NSA or the CIA while you are at it? We all know that 85% support to Facebook comes from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and NSA and God knows what else.

Facebook is not the ideal or even remotely close to ideal spot for people to hang out at. The number one reason why many people have begun to abhor the social network is because of its lack of an individual’s privacy. Secondly, when the National Security Agency came under the limelight after Snowden blew the whistle on them, there were no right or wrong ways of carrying out surveillance operations.

Everything which NSA did was “wrong” because it never disclosed anything to public. And why would it? Seriously these secret services operations are best kept undercover.  Mark Zuckerberg was right about at least one thing when he said, “You know, sometimes stuff doesn’t work when you want it to. We’ve certainly had plenty of mistakes and things that haven’t worked the way that we want to. The right thing here is just to keep on focusing on building the service that you think is right in the long term.”

However, Facebook and NSA “services” are not alike. Later on Zuckerberg started talking about labor reforms and immigration policies made by the U.S. government. I think that the zit faced kid just wanted to add those footnotes to his interview because he is pushing for hiring immigrants.

If the immigration reform goes as Zuckerberg plans, it will result in lower labor cost, more profit for organizations such as Facebook and any other business, and more work output. As a result, the average U.S. college and university grad will not be prioritized over the talent pool coming in from immigrants.