A Message from Casey:

Life can be unpredictable, you know. Here I am writing the about section of “Infinarium”, while not realizing that I’d be doing this in a million years. Things can go unexpectedly, and sometimes it happens for the best of it.

So the story goes, I have been in affiliate marketing for over 4 years now. It was and still is a great business for anyone who is willing to work hard. Nothing happens in auto pilot mode; you’re gonna have to overcome all the challenges and do things on your own.

My hard work impressed a guy in the blogosphere and we started a JV. Otherwise known as “Joint Venture” business, where I and this gentleman were entitled to 50 – 50 share. I am not disclosing any details here just for the fact that I still honor this bugger’s privacy, but if I have to, I will.

The lesson learnt: NEVER EVER go into any JV because money changes a lot of things. They weren’t wrong when they said, “money is the root of all evil.” Perhaps, I will start my own tutorials on helping young aspiring lads to inspire affiliate marketing in them. The time is not right now though.

Have confidence in your skills. You are better off starting your own business, rather than depending on someone.

How ‘Infinarium’ Summarizes Technology?

I like to think about technology from a very broad perspective. You know many tech websites are just focusing on product reviews and gadgets, but I like to take it to a mile’s stretch. Technology is literally anything and everything that has to do with making your life easier.

Let’s say, you have an ordinary pair of glasses. Over a thousand or more than a thousand years ago, this pair of glasses would have been an invention. However, today, these things are being taken for granted. We use such commodities day in; day out, without every thinking twice about them. Ironic, isn’t it? This is how I see ordinary and extraordinary stuff around me.

If it weren’t for technology, brainstorming and innovativeness, your world would have been bland. Back in the 90s, I was busy creating websites, small time software and doing things that I never thought of seriously. Today, the same stuff, such as web development, has become a fad. It has evolved. PCs were expensive a few years ago, but now as the new models are released, you can afford anything easily.

In a way, ‘Infinarium’ is not about reviewing products and writing articles strictly by the rules. I can write about anything I want, whenever I want and however I want. All I can say is that you will find reviews about different things on this website, without any limitations to one specific criterion or whatsoever.

Review Methodology:

Reviewing a product is not easy. There are actually two ways. Either you can buy the product and derive scientific tests to review it, or you can read other reviews and elaborate on different aspects. Both methods are good as long as kept within moderation.

I had this friend who would break down a product to Geometric and Arithmetic Mean. A lot of readers are not really interested in tangents and cosine values, therefore his reviews were not widely accepted in the community. What I prefer is something that oscillates between two extremes. Believing in what I know about a product and how I see it, all the way from unboxing, detailing and etc. is a great way to connect with an average reader.

However, it does not mean that mathematic calculations are to be avoided at all costs. If I am reviewing a GPU or a CPU for that matter, I have to post actual results from benchmarking software. This will help me say, “Hey here are the facts. The following CPU gives you these number when overclocked.” In a way, ‘Infinarium’ has got a little bit of something for everyone.

The agenda is to write honest reviews, without overemphasizing on lying – just because I have to promote a product.

Product Sampling and Reviewing:

Over the course of time, I have received product samples from many companies. Some of them are cooperative to the extent that I get to write an honest review. Others, well, they are not actually the friendly type.

There are cases where ‘Infinarium’ has been threatened by companies if I, or the reviewers, on this website are writing something in an unbiased manner. Usually startup companies or companies with crazy sales managers threaten to withhold sample products if something positive is not written about the said product.

Is this fair to our readers? Nope, it ain’t. All ‘Infinarium’ can promise you, and rest of the companies, is that a thorough review of the product will go live without the implicit guarantee of positive or negative.

Closing Thoughts:

‘Infinarium’ is a community standard website. You support it by reading the content published here. All I, alongside my team mates, am asking is to share what you love or hated at this website. Our mistakes will help us produce better content. This website answers to no one other than YOU!’ the valued reader.

While you’re here, make yourself cushy and useful by:

  • Avoiding Hate Speech

  • Trolling n Bashing Others for Expressing Themselves

  • Recommending Your Favorite Tech Products for Us to Review

  • Being Talkative about Anything

  • Being Polite

  • Not being a Mod/ Bot, a Link Juice Whore or anything else for that matter

Extremely Useful Mumbo Jumbo…

‘Infinarium’ is operated by Casey Nolan – A.K.A Bilal Malik as of 2013. All the products recommended by the ‘Infinarium’ team or its bipolar writers are for entertainment, honesty and transparency based purposes. Put it like this: If we have reviewed something or written down about any gadget or online tech product, it is solely for your assistance.

Your stay at ‘Infinarium’ magnanimously entitles you to read our ‘Terms of Use’ and ‘Privacy Policy’. 

Stay Classy Fellas,

 Sincerely Yours – Casey Nolan

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