t times, you will be seeing ads flickering in different sized boxes. Although I hope that it doesn’t have to come to weird advertisement banners, but you never know.

These so-called 3rd party Ads are based on the information collected about this website, by other website owners via different means. It also implies that in order to bring you better Ads that suit to your online activities, these 3rd parties might be making an effort to understand your online interests.

If you are going to be interacting with these Ad networks through any Ads placed anywhere on ‘Infinarium’ website, it exposes you to agreeing to Ad Choices Agreement. The agreement states that your clicks on any Ads found on this website can, or will be used to derive a better Ad based user experience. The information about you is collected through cookies, different technologies and web beacon tracking modes.

None of these tracking Ad networks has anything to do with us. It is up to the advertising company to decline using your information. According to the Network Advertising Initiative bylaws, you can opt out of Ads personalized result anytime of the advertising website is part of the NAI group of companies. However, choosing to opt out of any ongoing Ads will probably make things uglier for you.

How so? Let’s say, we are displaying a personalized Ad about a great hoover vacuum cleaner; the stuff that even your age old granny would love to use. Imagine that you opt out of seeing this Ad, which replaces it with ‘Uncle Haaji’s Quick Vanishing’ services! Does that make sense? Personalized ads convince a richer, vibrant and interactive end user experience on any network of websites.