News of a construction worker’s recent, and equally surprising, development of Hepatitis C has been making the rounds lately. The unnamed man allegedly consumed multiple cans of his favorite energy drinks daily to help boost his work performance.

However, things went south real quick when the old man complained of hay fever, fatigue and chronic abdominal pain. He thought that he had developed flu, but when it got escalated to stomach pain, he had to visit the local hospital. After running initial tests, doctors discovered the man’s niacin levels off the chart. It eventually led them to determine that the sudden spike was caused due to excessive intake of energy drinks over the last week or two.

Under normal circumstances, acute Hepatitis is not developed to a serious stage in a matter of weeks. Many patients exhibit months or even years of medical history. In this construction worker’s case, the daily intake of energy drinks was the culprit. Doctors suggest that people need to be aware of their daily recommended dosage of Vitamin B3/ Niacin.

According to the doctors, the unnamed man was reportedly taking a healthy diet, except for the exception of energy drinks. The first week or two went fine, but eventually he started feeling lethargic and uneasy. He became worried after the development of dark urine, which is a common symptom for liver disorder and other serious ailments such as jaundice etc.

It was confirmed that he was suffering from not only Hepatitis C but also a mild case of jaundice. The liver biopsy test further revealed chronic infection of the liver enzymes. On the average, a can of energy drink constitutes around 160 – 200 Mg Niacin. This amount is below the intake level known to cause toxicity in the liver.

But seeing to the fact that he was taking energy drinks daily, and that too for several weeks, the toxicity began to pile up. This phenomenon is otherwise known as the accumulation effect, where the human body does not get time to get rid of the excessive minerals, normally via urine, while it is constantly undergoing regular diet regimen.

For obvious reasons, the patient or the doctors did not list the particular energy drink brand. Still, it is my personal recommendation to all readers that they should not take energy drinks in excessiveness. They cause serious health issues as proven via numerous medical journals over the last few days. The sugar and caffeine level, alone, can disrupt a person’s body in no time.