Drugs are the worst things that a person can get hooked to. It starts from somewhere as “harmless” as a cigarette and goes up the ladder as time passes. That being said, I too have dabbled in smoking during the last 2 weeks. The only reason I am saying this is because I have a compulsion to be honest with my readers.

Moving on, there are millions of junkies in not only the U.S., but all over different parts of the world. These people can’t get rid of this addiction even if they want to. In a couple of interviews with Discovery Channel, most of the drug addicts knew that their life got fucked up because of drugs, but they were still unable to give up.

Lucky for them, there are new treatments for addiction to heroin painkillers promise a long lasting relief. The conventional approach is still medication, with dosages ranging over once or twice a day schedule. Traditional medicines such as; Methadone and Buprenorphine, are loaded with suppressants that act against the drug effect.

In addition to the above mentioned medicines, doctors also prescribe anti-depressants. You know sleeping pills and all sorts of tablets that would make a person feel sleepy and slow all the time. The purpose of anti depressants is to cull the patient’s physical activities and motor functions within a safe extent.

On the contrary, what if the same person becomes addicted to anti-depressants? This has always been a hot and equally controversial issue for doctors. As far as regular medication is concerned, if an addict skips on doses, there are severe consequences to it. He goes itchy, crazy and starts asking for a “fix”. There is a FDA approved drug, named: Vivitrol. It is supposed to take effect if taken for long term anti drug treatment. It is once-in-a-month drug that leaves long lasting effects on the addict.

During test phases, Vivitrol was tried on various subjects for analysis purpose. This medicine has strong effects and comes in handy if a patient is skipping his daily intake of Methadone or other medicines of same nature.

Have you tried Vivitrol recently? Maybe someone in your family has been dealing with drug addiction and used Vivitrol? If you’d like to share your experiences here, it would be greatly appreciated. I know it is unusual for a “tech” blog to talk about drugs and medication, but this is not your usual tech gadgets website.

If I feel that I need to share something with the world for the good of it, nothing can stop me.