Hidden somewhere deep within the tech savvy recesses of a top secret lab, a number of scientists are busy creating a mutant flu virus. It is dangerous work, as the authorities have reportedly admitted to its lethal attributes. However, once complete, the mutant flu virus will become a necessity; a means to prepare the world for a lethal pandemic for the right reasons.

Chinese Scientists getting Rid of Infected Birds

On the contrary, fellow Dutch scientists alongside welfare activists believe that creating such viruses can reap unforeseen consequences if they end up in the wrong hands. Even though the idea of adding a few more doses of deadly aspects to the same known viruses seems alluring enough, there is always the element of risk involved in the program.

As of the latest statistics, there have been over 45 different cases of people contracting H7N9 Bird Flu in China. The authorities are concerned about public health and therefore they are working to resolve such issues at any cost. China is braced for settling the score against the recent H7N9 because if unattended, the casualty rate is giving rise to an alarming concern.

Ab Osterhaus and Ron Fouchier; two key scientists, in the ongoing research, are of the view that the benefits of creating a mutagen eventually outweigh the risk factor. Osterhaus said, We’re bracing for what’s going to happen next. If H7N9 becomes easily transmissible between humans, yes, the case fatality ratio may go down a little from where it is now, but we’d still be talking about millions of people dying.”

Osterhaus is currently enrolled at a high security bio lab in the Netherlands as head of the research team. Already, they have made amazing progress over the last few weeks. This is a critical question – what does this virus really need to become transmissible? It is of extreme importance to being able to understand what’s going on,” said Osterhaus in an undated interview.

On the other hand, Fouchier is working on an older strain of Bird Flu, codenamed H5N1 to figure out how both viruses gain function over the host’s body. To him, the discovery of “gain of control” mechanism regarding H5N1 is crucial in order to help the authorities put an end to the H7N9 virus.

During his research, Fouchier’s work is being met by an immense amount of negative feedback by some of the professors at John Hopkins School of Medicine. As a matter of fact, Steve Salzberg, professor of medicine and biostatistics from the institute believes that Fouchier’s work “is nothing but a confused Chutzpah.”

Professor Salzberg said, “The notion of ‘gain of function’ research on pathogens is very, very dangerous, and Fouchier’s research is an outraged chutzpah.

During the last few years, Fouchier has been known to spend his time traveling all across the Atlantic in an effort to arguing his mode of research. In addition to his petitions, the scientist has been working on getting his work published, but so far, due to undisclosed reasons, the U.S. National Science and Advisory Board has taken steps to censor his publications.

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