Fat people, you’re gonna have to suck it up and lose some weight. I know I am being terribly rude and racist with you guys and girls, but cmon’ aren’t you interested in living a long disease free and healthy life? A recent report about overweight women says that they are more likely to go through memory loss problems, especially if the weight excessively falls on their hips. (Looks like Kim Kardashian is going to lose her memory sooner than we expected!)

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Researchers say that the location of the fats seems to be important and it is worse for the memory if the hips are storing a huge amount of fats. Assistant Professor of Medicine and a Physician @ Northwestern University – Diana R. Kerwin said that we examined roughly 8.745 obese women. All participations were made to go through different brain functions, designed to detect any changes in the memory states.

The BMI (Body Mass Index) was a crucial element of Dr. Kerwin’s program – a BMI of 19 suggests that a female subject is underweight. 25 to 29 BMI is well beyond overweight. The research suggested a noticeable drop in a subject’s memory scale test score. The test was known as Modified Mini Mental Status Examination and its objective was to deliver this message;

–          Obesity and high BMI is not good for your memory and health.

Alzheimer’s disease: Men vs. Women

Dr. Kerwin’s researchers didn’t address any Alzheimer related cases but it is evident that the disease is likely to hit women 1.5 times more than men. With this thing in mind, the 8,000+ test subjects may have those women as well, who were patients of Alzheimer’s disease at a minor level.

But Kerwin is staying to her verdict and proved her theory by saying that the memory loss rate in “pear” shaped women is dominant because of the storage of fats in hip areas. Alzheimer has nothing to do with being slim or fat; it is a totally different disease. Kerwin’s research paper was published in the issue of the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

On the contrary, Kim Kardashian has not lost any memory even if her big ass is somewhat of an attraction for male counterparts. Yep, since 2010, the lady has been doing fine. In fact, she recently had a baby. I don’t personally believe that a big ginormous butt has much to do with memory loss. Yes, it may contribute to some extent, but other factors count too.

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