Okay, so part of the reason why I wanted to write this high protein pancake recipe is because I am a dedicated gym goer. Also, a guy at LinkedIn, after I posted a photo of my pancakes, took a jab at me for confusing the network with Facebook. You can view his profile.

My LinkedIn Profile Screenshot about Pancakes

This is the answer to your ramblings, Emran Hayat: “Professionals” need food too, and you gotta admit it, it’s a useful chunk of information for fitness conscious people who need to maintain their weight. I have been into bodybuilding for 7 years now, which is why I care about the community and a “professional’s” well being.

Hey Emran, here’s a still shot of me after brief workout at the gym. Yes, i am an affiliate marketer, a CEO and also a fitness buff.


Ingredients needed for High Protein Pancakes:

  • Quaker Oats – 55 – 70 Grams
  • Betty Crocker Oatmeal Biscuit Dough (Optional)
  • Met-Rx Meal Replacement Pack (72 Grams Protein)
  • 6 Eggs
  • Half Glass of Milk
  • Raisins, Walnut, Almond

Met-Rx Meal Replacement Strawberry Pack

The Process?

  • Start with extracting the egg whites from all those eggs. You can go with one whole egg, but the rest of the eggs need to have their “whites” used only. Egg white is high in protein and the yolk is high in cholesterol. Therefore, you need to use as many egg whites in this recipe as possible. You can use more eggs too, if you are looking to add more proteins or cook more servings.
  • Once the egg whites and the yolk are in the bowl, stir them well. Mix your Quaker Oats and the Biscuit Dough. This is an optional ingredient; you don’t need to spend extra money on it. I have to cook another batch of pancakes without this dough because I think it might give a boost to the taste factor.
  • After you have stirred up a solid mixture of Oatmeal, Egg whites + 1 X Egg Yolk, pour it in a blender. This is where you pour that Whey Protein Powder. I prefer Met Rx, but you can go for any other brand of your choice. Make sure that the protein powder is low on Sodium.
  • Add the dry fruit, i.e. Almonds, Walnuts and Raisins. It is not important that you add them directly to the blender. I saw a guy who added them later when he was about to pour the final mixture in the frying pan.


I prefer adding drying fruit in the blender with rest of the contents because they get broken down into small pieces. This way you won’t have to deal with biting them, hence preventing you from enjoying the actual cushy parts.

By now, you should have the frying pan and oil mildly heated. Pour the contents of the blender in the frying pan and wait for the pancake’s crust to turn brown. Now you can either cut the entire thing into two pieces of turn it over with a spatula. The way I made these babies is by pouring small amounts of the mixture in the frying pan. This gave my arm and the spatula enough room for movement.

Once both sides have turned reddish brown, it is time to enjoy your prized creation. Serve with a glass of milk and a side of peanut butter. By the way, these pancakes are excellent post workout meal; I gave them a shot and really enjoyed them.

Don’t forget to share your experiences and pancake shots through the comments section below.