During her famed True Blood television series, Anna Paquin is known for undergoing a strenuous diet and exercise regime to help tone that figure. Given her metabolism, age and several other factors, such as body’s reaction to certain diet; it was not easy to maintain that adorable physique.

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For instance, if you followed all of the True Blood series, you can easily notice that Season 1 showcased a rather healthy looking Anna Paquin, which later on changed down the road. During her nude scenes from several other episodes of different seasons, her abdominal walls and musculature revealed a sexy, but toned hour glass figure.

Moreover, you can see various changes that other celebrities in that TV series went through. Ryan Kwanten went from bulky to skinny during the premier of shows 6th season, whereas his fellow male co-stars gained some serious muscle mass without sacrificing too much on shredded looks. So how did they all do this? In this article, I am going to take a look at Anna Paquin workout routine, which you can improvise to adapt to your requirement.

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To my surprise, Anna doesn’t like to do it old school style; she simply goes for a full body workout to burn all the excess fat. Paquin has been under the direct supervision of Clay Burwell, her fitness guru, for a long time. Burwell already holds a reputation for putting his “students” through extreme cardio and weight training sessions.

Anna Paquin workout – Circuit exercises for all:

Most of the following exercises are circuit exercises. A lot of people, who search for Anna Paquin Workout, stumble upon a combination of circuit and isolation regimens. I don’t know if you’re a huge fan of circuits but that’s how it is. Sometimes a little bit of accelerated heartbeat is a good indication of burning calories in the gym.

  1. Waist cincher – X 30 reps for each side

Very easy to perform, the Waist Cincher can be executed by lying on your back. After crossing over your left knee with your right ankle, you have to place your left hand behind your head. Imagine doing a sit up but the only difference is that you’re not actually going to perform it.

Once you have your right arm lying by your side, it is time to twist your left elbow towards the right knee. Remember, you have to twist and get up towards the opposite side of your body. Perform 30 Reps for each side.

Muscles Worked – Side Abdominal Walls and Obliques.

  1. De – Jiggle jumper – X 15 reps:

This is an exercise for getting those flabby butt cheeks and legs in shape. De Jiggle Jumper starts with standing in front of a step machine or a flat bench, with feet spread shoulder width. Spread your arms in front, or you can have them curled behind your head.

Jump/ Plop up on the bench with your knees slightly bent. Now once you’re on the bench, it is time to step down. That’s it. Keep alternating your movements of stepping down between left and right foot. After performing 15 – 20 Reps, it is time to move on to the next circuit.

Muscles Worked: Abs (Indirectly), Lower Back, Butt.

  1. The kicker – X 30 reps (15 for each side)

The Kicker is really simple as you have to lift one leg at a time, in kicking position. Stand with your feet, hips length apart and lift your one leg over your shoulder. Try not to bend the leg because it would demean the entire purpose of this exercise. Also, you can have a support chair by your side to lean on a little, with your opposite hand.

Muscles Worked: Lower Abs, Legs and Butt.

  1. Shoulder sculptor – X 30 reps (15 for each side)

Shoulder Sculptor is probably going to be a little difficult for your fragile shoulders in the beginning. However, seasoned “Sculptors” have been known to have nice curvy shoulders. In other words, with your hair pulled back and a skimpy little tank top to go with, your shoulders are going to give you an all new sexy look.

Spread both your arms straight in front of you. Hold a Kettle Bell or Dumbbell in your arms. Now go all the way down in a squatting position, while lowering your arms towards the floor. As you stand up again, lift your arms back to the starting position. Do 30 Reps and you’ll be sweating like a pig in no time.

Muscles Worked – Lower Back, Glutes, Lower Abs, Legs.

  1. Ab – Racadabra – X 20 reps:

Call it Abracadabra or Ab-Racadabra, the exercise will work out your abdominal muscles unlike any other routine you’ve ever experienced. Lie down on the floor or a plank, with a mattress or a towel underneath your back.

Now raise your upper torso slightly over your thighs. In the meantime, raise both of your legs. Remain in this U-Curled position for a few seconds until you start feeling the trembling sensation in your Abs. Return back to the lying position and repeat this exercise again and again.

Muscles Worked: Upper Abs.

There you have it, Anna Paquin True Blood workout. As you see, there’re no secrets to it, except for a low calorie diet which no one really talks about. In the next article, I’m going to fill in some details about celebrity diet plans and celebrity diets.