You must have been warned against letting the golden hours slip by; but some of them are golden only because we let them slip by.

~James Matthew Barrie

I used to be a free spirit; free of any worries about future life and career. It was probably because of the reason that I was a university goer and my dad used to take care of my expenses. I believe that many a times, I was at fault. I’d waste my old man’s money on friends, useless junk such as gaming and DVDs and CD’s etc.

Little girl hiding behind a tree, playing with a sibling

I was in my twenties and life felt like a dream. I never gav two hoots to anything. The funny thing about teenage and the particular 20’s stage is that your life is always moving. There’s so much stuff to do, so many people to talk to, and every day you feel like a million bucks. My early days were really carefree.

Mostly, I’d take the car out, load a few so-called friends and then burn the rubber by doing donuts and stuff. I could’ve spent the same time contributing to society or doing something useful, but I didn’t. I didn’t do it because I didn’t have good friends. The lack of good friends stagnated my thinking level.

Here are a few tips for those youthful youths that probably won’t read this article.

Make “good” friends:

a group of carefree children playing together

  • Friendship isn’t about doing favors and harboring expectations. It’s a sacred relationship with many forms and shapes. As a teenager, my friends normally talked about chicks, cracked jokes, popped beers and did everything that you can indelicately think of. We’d categorize a particular friend a “douche-bag” just because he or she wasn’t cool enough. However, the realization of having good friends kicked in a lot later.
  • As an experienced person on friendship, always go for the good ones. Befriend those fellows, who have a vision, they’re people who want to be contributive members of the society. Sitting with them, will expand your vision and you’ll be thinking a lot of other stuff, other than perfectly shaped mounds of flesh and text messaging.
  • A great friend will always remember you and talk to you, even if you guys haven’t communicated in years.
  • Don’t attach yourself to a particular person. The BFF policy can hurt you a lot if you’ve developed expectations. Friends are made to change as life changes around you. It’s nice to have to know a lot of them on different levels.

The element of respect:

  • Respect, in general, is lapsing a lot. The youngsters of our modern society couldn’t care less about the elderlies and their parents. Now, I’m not blaming all of you guys and girls out there for being disrespectful towards your folks, senior members of the society or just people who’re a little older than you.
  • Respect can by synced with tolerance and patience. The latter two elements are equally scarce nowadays. It’s because of different reasons. For instance, summers in the States can be warm enough to fry up the temper level. People have frowny faces, they tend to hold their arms by their sides and make faces in the middle of a traffic jam. There’s a low tolerance towards that particular cashier, a shopkeeper, customer support representative and etc. Change your levels of perception and behavior by slowly adapting a better lifestyle.

Don’t set people stop you from dreaming… and more importantly from achieving them:

After all it is the dream of living the perfect American life

  • Another great blessing to the young guns of your nations is the power of dreaming. Daydreaming, in my opinion, is as much important as having a will to pursue that dream. Your goals and objectives have nothing to do with someone who doesn’t like them in the first place. People will always pester you for not being able to do something; they’ll tell you that you’re not good enough but don’t listen to them. Drop a smile and respectfully ignore them.
  • If you believe in being a CEO or a great author, a pilot, or a multimillionaire, no one can stop you from becoming that special someone except you. I was an extremely careless person in my times, and one day my dad called me in and told me that you’ll never be able to achieve anything in life. His words scathed my heart, not because of the fact that he was a bad father or anything like that. It’s just that I wanted to prove it to him by bringing something useful to the family.
  • I started freelancing and made $500 in the first week. My parents were so happy and my old man said, “Son you’ve made me so proud today”. I think it was that exact moment, when I figured out that I was good enough and was capable of doing anything.

The element of falling in love – over and over… :

Falling in love could be the most beautiful thing happening to anyone in life

  • Love is a natural law. It kicks in with a great intensity when you’re a young individual. But always bear in mind that love is not all about prioritizing that “special someone” above everything. As a young gun, you’ll be falling in love over and over again because life doesn’t stop at one point.
  • If you happen to be a girl, do know this that the guy you’re madly in love with, is not man enough to shoulder a lot of responsibilities. He is just like you, and what you guys are feeling right now, is a strong form of infatuation. If you’re a guy, respect and be grateful to that girl for falling in love with you. Cherish every moment and make her happy, but your first priorities are strongly based on straightening out your career, making your parents proud and being a good son.
  • In case of a breakup, don’t remember each other by horrible names. Heck, just take the experience with a pinch of salt and move on. Life has greater things in store for you.

Read good books:

A mother reading a storybook to her son

  • Forget about the “hey man, I’m not the reading books type of person” analogy. Books are a great way of increasing your knowledge. If you’re at an early age, you can read twice the amount of books as compared to a 26 year old guy. The reason is simple, you have more stamina and your mind remains actively present 24/7.
  • Books hone your ability of speaking and writing to a great degree.

Dress up decently:

dress up in a decent manner

  • Dresses are a part of your personality. I’m not going to tell you to dress up in suits and ties, but you need to look decent. There’re different dresses for different occasions and the ones that you think are cool because Matthew or Lorry were wearing them the other day, it doesn’t cut the par.
  • Dress up in a manner that your neighbors or people who’re associated to your father or mother, can say, “Oh, now that’s a decent young man or a woman. Mr. or Ms. So-and-so has raised a fine person.”

Work that butt in shape:

Teenage girl warming up before her workout

  • As much as computers and TVs have become common, our youth has notched up on a lot of excess fats. Eat healthy and live healthy. You should indulge in games that require physical exertion. It can be football, ice hockey, swimming, badminton, table tennis. In short words, anything that doesn’t require a joystick and a screen.
  • Video games are good but throw in a day or two, where you should go out and delve in something, which can keep your metabolism in order.

As a young person, what you have in your hands is a lot more valuable than anything. There’s plenty of time to develop warts on your knee caps, have a cellulite skin and be an overweight snob, so live your youth the healthy way because your metabolism will slow down as soon as you’ll near those golden 30s.