Work out Clothing in Winter is very important - Google ImagesWinters are often taken for granted. We tend to “enjoy” the cold weather by staying inside, preferably by the fireplace or within the inviting embrace of our cozy beds. Yeah, it is a good view and just by typing it down, I feel like going back home. But I can’t; occupational hazard and woes of being a part time freelance writer are more important than chilly winter season adventures.

According to medical scientists and nutritionists, jogging in winter season is the best way of shedding calories and staying in shape. Dr. Kevin Plancher of the Plancher Orthopedics and Sports Medicine said, “Brisk walk is good, but running is even better. During winters, running stimulates the secretion of endorphins and the cold weather bestows its own benefits on one’s body.”

In terms of psychological benefits, the release of endorphins help in the dissipation of Seasonal Affective Disorder, it is a form of depression that is associated with climatic conditions. No wonder poets and singers talk about feeling “blue” and “cold”.

A record of suicides has also indicated that most of these dreadful actions are executed during winters – a season of sadness taken by many. Here are some of the tips that Dr. Plancher gave regarding running in cold weather:

–          Layer your body with clothes to keep those muscles warm.

–          Spend 10 minutes at least for warm up session.

–          Don’t forget to stretch before and after your workout.

–          Cold weather doesn’t mean that a person is not sweating. Always take more than enough amounts of liquids and water to keep yourself hydrated in winters.

I invite you to judge me. Probably someone out there is reading this article while making an assumption that what does “this guy” know about weight loss. He’s just typing down random shit behind a desk and posting it online for people who really need help losing weight.

Here’s the full disclosure: I have been dealing with weight loss for many years. The reason I could not lose weight for the first 2 years was because of the yo-yo dieting factor. I’d burn calories in the gym, but it was the diet part that really put my patience to test. I’d end up eating a lot more than I burned.

It wasn’t until a year ago when I seriously started working hard. The thing about weight loss is that you need to put in an honest effort. It means going to the gym for long hours of excruciating work out, and then having the willpower to not only reduce the caloric intake, but also change the entire diet plan. Now that a year has gone by, I have the perfect physique and lean muscle mass.

Above all, my lifestyle has changed. I have become more confident and outgoing when I compare myself to my previous version.