Obesity Comic - Google ImagesForget about the notion that kids look cute when they’re a little ‘well rounded’. That cute plump figure of your kid is the worst that you can ever do to him/ her. It’s called obesity and don’t let it hit your kid with early age blood pressure problems.

According to research panel from the Indian University School of Medicine, children with weight issues start showing signs of hypertension and high blood pressure. Besides, high blood pressure and hypertension in children sets the stage for complications in later phases of their life.

As a parent or an elder, you don’t have to worry about these issues. Just cut down on your kids’ diet plan and let em’ lose some weight. Even a small drop in obesity levels can result in a significant decrease in heart disease prospects, blood pressure and much more.

Lead researcher of the Indiana University team: Wanzhu Tu said, “”The effect of weight on blood pressure is very different in children in different weight categories. For obese and overweight children, even a small reduction in weight will produce a stronger benefit in blood pressure control.”