Social media has reformed the digital playground for different industries these days – and it will continue to do so as the ever-increasing population of users cast an insight on who to follow, and not to follow at online platforms.

For instance, compared to the last few years, today social media has impacted the field of cosmetic dermatology alongside different categories of medical practices. The phenomenon is mostly trending this way because of the simple age old concept of “word of mouth” experience – except for the fact that today it’s on steroids.

Online networks could be important for many reasons to such doctors. However, as an exception, these dermatologists don’t have to go out of the way to focus on paid advertising, or analytics when loyal patients do their part willingly and happily. In other words, users are the heart of social media networking where comments and opinions on any topic are widely heard and read each day.

Which cosmetic dermatologist to follow on social media networks?

Personal recommendations and referrals are mostly what constitute social media networking. Below, you will find detailed referrals to few doctors renowned in their field. Under no circumstances, is this list perfect or conclusive; if you know of any other experts from the field of cosmetics, feel free to share your experience through the comments section below, or through your own personal profile.

  • Dr. Sandra Lee – AKA The Pimple Popper:


Over the last few years, Dr. Sandra Lee, has garnered over 2 million Instagram followers. Her reputation as “The Pimple Popper” precedes are extraordinary work and daily effort to help make people look and feel better in their lives.

Based on years of association with the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery and MOHS Surgery, her fine work speaks for itself. Patients seeking professional advice related to cosmetic surgery, liposuction, laser hair removal, skin resurfacing etc. can reach Dr. Sandra through her social handlers below:.

You can reach out to Dr. Sandra Lee at her official social handlers:

Instagram: @drpimplepopper

  • Dr. Costi:


Dr. Costi, is based in Manhattan and Beirut, hence bringing a sense of cultural diversity to his clients and portfolio. He maintains a healthy following at his social media profile for reasons focused on clients’ wellbeing, and to impart knowledge on aspiring cosmetologists as much as possible.

He is well-known for performing or recommending minimally invasive treatments, healthy diet tips and overall body fitness tips.


Dr. Costi can be reached directly for professional advice, treatment, or any query through the following social handlers:

Instagram: @dr.costi


Snapchat: Dr.costi


  • Jeanine B. Downie:


Dr. Downie, M.D. and Montclair based dermatologist regards social media as a great tool to connect with patients directly. Several years ago, when Dr. Downie initiated her social media campaign, the response rate was not that much appreciative.

However, today, due to her social media updates, her patients are not only people from local areas, but mostly those who are first timers. They hear about Dr. Downie’s expertise through virtual word of mouth, which leads to another connection and that leads to another one; the process goes on eventually.

You can contact her through the following online sources:



  • Catherine Begovic:

dr-catherine-beautybydrcat-photoDr. Catherine Begovic is commonly known at her social media pages as a certified cosmetic surgeon specializing in plastic reconstruction procedures. Her life achieving excellence is reveled through phenomenal reviews from repeat and new customers on the internet.

Patients, who are looking to seek liposuction treatment, or are ready to undergo belly fat reduction, and skin grafting procedures should contact Dr. Catherine Begovic because her treatment is known to leave absolutely minimal scar tissues or any evident signs of procedural surgery afterward.


Her social media handlers are appended below:

Instagram: @beautybydrcat

Official Website:

  • Dr. Jeffrey Rebish:

dr-jeffery-rebish-cosmetic-dermatologistDr. Rebish holds certification in cosmetic dermatology, and is also a contributive member of the American Academy of Dermatology. He is based in Upland California and carries an impeccable reputation for treating patients for skin psoriasis, body conditioning, skin aging ailments and cancer.

Dr. Jeffrey Rebish is also known for involvement in various trials and clinical studies, hence rendering a critical role in the release of FDA approved medications for cosmetic dermatology patients. He can be contacted through the following social handlers anytime:



  • Dr. Simon Ourian:

dr-simon-ourianWith over 1 million Instagram followers constituting celebrities and patients from different cultural ethnicity, Dr. Ourian caters to the needs of all individuals in a very professional environment. New patients, and especially people looking to read reviews of the doctor’s services, are met with hospitality, humility, and warm greetings from the staff on premises.

From 1998 and onward, the Epione (Beverly Hills) center has long since been founded under Dr. Simon Ourian’s tutelage resulting in massive client-age. He is known for noninvasive procedures, laser treatment, skin tightening, cosmetic surgery and vice versa. More so, his flagship Coolaser and Coolbeam treatment techniques are the hallmark of a diverse portfolio these days.

Dr. Ourian can be contacted through the social media handlers below:

Instagram: @simonourianmd1


Official Website:

Twitter: @EpioneMedical

In conclusion, due to internet and social media, top ranking cosmetologists are not that hard to locate anymore. Likewise, these professionals can easily give dedicated time to people on the other side of the screen without fear of publicly violating HIPPA Laws or any privacy policies.