During a six minute interview with CBS News, Microsoft founder: Bill Gates dropped concerns about the company’s failing situation. He may not be heading Microsoft, but when it comes to creating strategies and foreseeing the company’s future, Bill Gates will always hold a voice.

Bill Gates during an interview with CNN on Vaccine for Autism

First few minutes into the interview and Bill is already sharing his views with CBS interviewer: Charlie Rose. When asked if he was happy to see the company’s performance under Microsoft’s existing CEO: Steve Ballmer tutelage, Gates said that both of them were not happy to see where things are headed.

Microsoft | On the Subject of Overall Projects Performance

Bill does have is share of tension, but overall he admits to Steve’s “fabulous skills” as the Redmond based computer company’s boss. I will say this that Microsoft did have a great track record of bringing innovative products and services to its loyalists. However, given the current situation of ongoing projects, the company needs some serious mentorship.

It is not the lack of money or marketing campaigns that’s failing Microsoft; I think it is the lack of leadership and core strategic skills at departmental levels. I have studied business for over 4 years now. If I were to add my two cents, I’d say that the entire company is not on the same page. Soon Microsoft will be hauled away for scrap if the entire company is going to perform the way it’s already performing.

Take the Nokia and Microsoft business partnership. Right after Nokia’s market shares dropped, it paired with Microsoft to save its ass. Meanwhile, Microsoft also needed a platform to market its mobile phone products. Figuring that Nokia had mobile related skills, Microsoft proceeded with the partnership.

Things, however, did not fare well for both companies. Recently, I talked about how Nokia has raised concerns about a shaky future with Microsoft. Somehow both companies are not corresponding well when it comes to Microsoft Surface tablets, mobile phone OS, Windows OS and many other elements that are crucial to developing high quality smartphones.

Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates Admit to some Failures:

Bill Gates told Charlie Rose that Microsoft has done a lot of “wonderful” things last year. But those accomplishments are not enough to outperform competitor growth. “Well, he and I are two of the most self-critical people you can imagine. There were a lot of amazing things that Steve’s leadership got done with the company last year – Windows 8 is key to the future; the Surface computer; Bing, people have seen, is a better search product….but is it enough? No, he and I are not satisfied that in terms of breakthrough things that we’re doing everything possible.”

Talking about Windows 8 as a prime product is not a good idea, Bill. Already Microsoft Surface Tablet has come up with issues and complaints. At the earliest, when the Surface was released, we published an article about how things went at various Microsoft retailers’. They were grim.

Moving on, Gates expresses his views by saying that he regrets the company’s early establishment in the mobile phone market. They did not do their research thoroughly.  “There are a lot of things like cell phones where we didn’t get out in the lead very early. The way that we went about it didn’t allow us to get the leadership. It’s clearly a mistake.

At the moment the best thing that Microsoft OS is doing is that it is oscillating between Android and Apple operating systems. Google and Apple are doing a fine job of keeping Microsoft on its toes when it comes to smartphone operating system and the overall smartphone development projects.

ComScore data shows that Blackberry, a slightly less popular platform these days, alongside Android and iOS products performed way better than Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS. In December 2012, Microsoft only had a 2.9% market share, while Blackberry was standing at 6.4%. Likewise, Android had a 53.4% market share and iOS had 36.3% share.

2013 is going to be a demanding year for Microsoft. So far, the company’s once bright future doesn’t look “bright” anymore. We will have to wait and see how Steve Ballmer is going to steer things during the next few months.