2 years ago, I was sifting through a German blog (not that I speak German or anything, but the article became quite interesting after I used Google Translate). The guy had written a few articles about Microsoft’s Arc Touch Mouse. A few days later, the posts were no longer there.

Still shot of Microsoft Arc Mouse - Google Images

I don’t know what happened exactly; maybe Microsoft contacted him and had him take it down, or perhaps he ran into some site bandwidth related issues. Later on, it had me thinking about the mouse culture. What will be the future of these gadgets that we have become so accustomed to? Over the years, the mouse itself has gone through many shapes and features.

However, the fact that touch technology has evolved so much, there is eventually going to be a point when mice will no longer exist. What do you think? If I talk about the Microsoft Arc Mouse, it has a 2.4GHz microprocessor that communications with the standard USB receiver. The device has a touch sensitive area/strip that has replaced the traditional mouse ball.

Of course, the “arc” factor will prohibit gamers from fully utilizing their skills during intense death matches, but yeah, this is what’s been going on for a while now. At least people with laid back attitude and guys who work from their homes/ offices can rest their wrists on the arc to move around the screen space.

For those of you, who have been keeping track of hardware devices, the updates from Microsoft and all the big tech companies will come to you naturally; thank the stars, your genuine interest in those updates and probably a bit of RSS features – you are now keeping tabs on things the easy way.

In the end, Microsoft is just another company that’s following a strategy against rivals. Apple is one of the biggest Microsoft competitors out there. Hence it has become essential for Microsoft to invest heavily in tech products to maintain their modicum of market share.