Followed by a series of closed-in beta invites, Microsoft finally released ‘Skype Meetings’; a great application specifically designed for people from business sector. This program specially comes in handy for individuals who are always on the move whilst attending their meetings or ventures across the world.

skype meetings - model advertising for the application commercial

In a nutshell, ‘Skype Meetings’ has provided businessmen a means for audio and video conferencing, without any strings – at least it seems so for now. They are not asking for money or paid subscription as an essentiality for using the application.

‘Skype Meetings’ allows simultaneous conferencing or hosting of over 200 users at the same time. The developers basically created the program for small businesses. They need to observe user engagement, heatmaps and overall behavior. If everything seems okay, this program will be expanded for bigger multinational businesses as well.

These meetings are integrated in several other applications/ software. For instance, if you already have ‘Skype Meetings’ installed, you will be able to use the integration for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel – so on and so forth. At the time of its release, the video call holds a capacity for 10 callers at the same time. Though it is planned by Microsoft to grow the maximum number of participants so that more people can take part in video conferencing.

More so, all users can access ‘Skype Meetings’ from any device, as long  as it is using the same version of the program as rest of the participants. Current devices include, but are not limited to desktop PCs, tablets, smartphones and laptops etc. Based on its advanced head tracking feature, Microsoft ensured that a person head remains in the center of the frame/ screen, despite of its actual position in front of the camera.

Rumor has it that through ‘Skype Meetings’, Microsoft is trying to compete against Google Hangouts program. Since the former program also comes with MS Office app integration, it seems that competition is going to be tough in the long run.