Despite of the immense popularity of Google’s Android OS platform, there’re Windows Phone loyalists who’d do anything to stick by its side. I remember my last venture to the nearest cellphone retailer. There was this old guy who seemed genuinely interested in buying a Windows Phone mobile but the shopkeeper didn’t have it. He tried to convince this old bloke to buy an Android handset, but in vain…

windows 7 phone surfaces once again

I guess that’s 1-Up for Microsoft.

The point is that Windows Phone 7 lineup is still prepping up for a decent sales pitch. Microsoft is going through a phase, which it likes to call a “We’re-posting-fake-sales-figures-to-create-a-hype” sort of period. The fact is that WPH7 handset demand is pretty low-low in the market. The company is still coping with the gist of millions of other things that need to be taken care of.

You do remember the time when Windows Phone 6 OS was released. Back then, as usual Microsoft was dealing with “other things”, to promote the OS, while Android was making some major progress by leaps and bounds. It looks like Microsoft will always have a valid excuse for not being able to take down Google’s Android, or RIM’s Blackberry OS.

Greg Sullivan, the Product Manager of the Windows Phone lineup said that the company’s target was to promote a phone that’d be well regarded. “I think people like what we did. Sales do matter but in the immediate term, there are other important things to attend to.”

Don’t know what could be more important than investing millions of dollars on an OS project that didn’t fare well at all. Microsoft seriously needs to gear up for some breakthrough inventions in the smartphone market; otherwise it’s just going to another Kin Phone Disaster!!!

(Somebody please play the Psycho Movie’ Shower Music in the background 🙂 )