Everyone loves to play games on his/her smartphone once in a while. And please God, I’m not talking about Angry Birds or its rendition of Halloween version. That is sickening, too common and not exactly my kind of party.

Windows 7 Gaming for First Time Use - Google Images

Anyways, gaming is something that Microsoft Windows Phone OS can excel in; perhaps it’s the only thing in which Microsoft can excel in.  To be honest, Windows’ previous OS didn’t fare that well, but it doesn’t make the platform less of a golden opportunity for game developers. Do you know why?

It’s because Windows as an operating system has been there for a long time. It used to be on the PC, developers still create something worth your time and dime, and now that the OS is on smartphones, you can expect something equally impeccable.

Now I know that some people may not like the idea of gaming and Windows phone 7 combos. Some people may not even like ANY idea because they belong to the haters’ lot, and some people will disregard gaming as a way of entertainment on Windows Phone 7 OS.

They’ll say;

–          Uh huh… gaming on Windows Phone 7? Yeah they didn’t have anything better to develop for us, so now they’re making games

–          Wheeeeeeeeee…. Oh wheeeeee…. Games…. I love em

–          Dude, MS OS is just gay! Ummm is it lunch time yet?

The overall model of gaming is far superior to that of the other platforms. Trial versions of popular titles on Windows Phone 7 work is a full version. You have to download the complete file, it will run some partial levels and once you’re done; enter the redeem code.