Failure doesn’t happen overnight; it takes some time to build up to it. Wrong decisions in life, inconsistent attitude, poor management skills, lack of time management, sloppy investment and such factors eventually lead to the ultimate demise of a company or a person.

Once Upon a Time | There was Nokia and Palm:

Coming to Microsoft and saying that this company is headed to failure, that’s a big thing. I mean who would want to hear that? Millions of people use Microsoft products? Tons of people have Windows OS installed in their computers, we grew up using Windows 98 (ah, the classic times) and we want to see Microsoft expanding – at least that’s what most of us want…

Side by Side Comparison of Two Windows RT Laptops - Google Images

You think about the Microsoft boat sinking, and you’re probably saying, “Cmon, it’s Bill Gates, man! How could they lose or head to the sinkhole?” But here’s the truth; companies do fail and it happens one way or another. What about Nokia? What about Palm? Some people are still making themselves believe that Nokia is rocking these days.

The last time I wrote an article about Nokia; the guys at Reddit were like, “Whaaaaaa???? I still have a Nokia blah blah handset and it is better than XYZ model.” But that’s not the majority there. From a general perspective, Nokia’s overall demand and stock shares have dwindled down. Google, alongside, Android is having one hell of a time making sales and that’s the truth!

Coming to Palm – it’s the same story. The PDA Company was once very famous for its ingenious handsets. What happened over the passage of time? They didn’t diversify. Changes were not made at the right time and eventually, the company was gobbled up with bigger fish in the tank.

Four Good Reasons Why Microsoft is headed to Failure:

Tami Reller, Microsoft’s Chief Marketing officer said that the company sold over 40 million Windows 8 licenses since October 26. Wow, Tammy, that’s a huge number – 40 million, impressive, isn’t it? On the contrary, finance experts who write columns in the Times and New York Magazine cited poor sales figure for both Windows 8 and the latest devices associated with it.

And it doesn’t stop there. Wait for it… wait for it… the NPD guys have got a much darker perspective of Microsoft’s future. They say that Windows PCs and Windows 8 sales, over the last few weeks, have dropped down by a whopping 21% at major U.S. retailers. Don’t bother to ask about Windows tablet statistics – they are like nonexistent.

To say that Microsoft is headed to failure because of Windows is, once again, a big thing again. Windows is just part of many products that the company is known for. But then again, Windows is the major produce which Microsoft was, is and will be known for. Let’s take a look at some of the mistakes that Microsoft is making these days:

  • Expensive Upgrades

Do the math here. You have more than one Windows machines and you spent a minimum of $40 on each. Now there is a huge probability that you don’t have Windows 8 OS installed there. You’d have to have a touch based system to explore Windows 8 OS to its full potential.

This takes me to the cost factor. Even if you have Windows 7 installed, you will need to spend additional money for each license upgrade. Is it worth it? What are your options? What’s the tradeoff? Exactly how much value is Windows 8 going to give you for your money? Please consider these questions before doing anything.

  • What? Windows 8 Incompatibility Issues with Microsoft Surface Tablet?

Last time in one of my articles, I wrote about a day outside one of Microsoft Surface retailers. It was fun but the memory turned into a nightmare soon. When I came home, I realized that the Douchebaguettes back at the store didn’t tell me that Microsoft Surface tablet is not compatible with Windows 8 Pro Edition!

To anyone, it will come as a shock. I mean, you buy the Microsoft Surface Tablet RT and you expect it to be awesome. The next thing you know is that someone is telling you about limitations concerning this device. No Windows 8 Pro for Surface tab is like a real kick in the, well you know where.

What Microsoft Surface RT does run is Windows RT edition. That’s  it!

  • Overpriced Products

Overpriced products are one thing. People are willing to spend money on expensive stuff but it has to be worth it, right? Apple, whenever releases the iDevices, people buy it no matter how expensive they are. Except for the little group of price conscious folks, most of the Apple loyalist community seems to be unaffected.

Coming to Microsoft, let’s take the Surface Pro Tablet as a fine example of a device that starts at $900! Wow, you are paying an extra $100 for the keyboard. Why not go and buy something cheaper, like, an Ultrabook for twice the battery life and cheaper price?

  •  It’s a Touch Screen. No, Wait, It’s Not a Touch Screen

There is a bit of confusion surrounding latest Microsoft Windows products. From software perspective, it is Windows 8, since it is the most recent invention. From hardware perspective, it is an entire line of Surface tablets from the same company.

Compare these two products with what other companies have to offer. At the moment, yes, touch based technology is a new thing –  I acknowledge it. However, touch based stuff is not the only stuff in demand. There are tons of laptops, notebooks and computing devices that stand against Windows 8 and other Microsoft recent releases.

When my friends ask me whether they should be investing money in Windows 8 or Microsoft Surface tabs, I tell them to wait. There is Sony and Dell to consider. I am also in love with Lenovo – not all of its products, yes, some of them. There’s Acer Aspire to consider too. The thing is that with so much competition out there, where is Microsoft’s competitive edge?

In the end, there is that fake commenting sham that Microsoft is being known for these days. With so much stuff going on inside and outside the company, who knows what future has in store. What do you think about Bill Gates’ company? Let us know through the comments below.