Followed by Apple’s recent move towards the elimination of traditional headphone jack on the company’s latest smartphone, other contenders are likely to accept the change at their end. We are already well aware of the USB audio features in one form or another. Now that USB 3.0 version is right around the corner, experts from different companies are already talking about how effective this new technology will be towards its integration as headphones’ port.

In an August interview, Intel’s Brad Saunders said that USB connected headphones are to be coded and developed in such a manner that they won’t be affecting a smartphone’s battery life. According to Saunders’ views, noise cancellation and several other features will be not only be cost effective, but also it’ll become easier to implement once the upcoming products become commonly accepted without the headphones jack.


While it is true that Apple’s recent decision to drop the audio jack was not well received, the company maintained its stance on the introduction of new technology trend in the market. As a consumer, it will take a certain amount of time to get used to this recent change, but developers are speculating new possibilities in near future.

USB Implementers Forum correspondents defended Apple’s strategy by saying, “USB audio over USB Type-C allows [manufacturers] to remove the 3.5mm analog audio jack, shaving up to a millimeter off product designs and reducing the number of connectors on a device. Fewer connectors will open the door for innovation in countless ways and make it easier to design waterproof or water-resistant devices.”

It is speculated that the USB Implementers Forum is in favor of getting rid of the old 3.5mm headphones jack trend once and for all – so much so that they would like to see USB C and 3.0 as the new standard for data sharing, videos, music and charging etc.