We have all known that ever since the original iPad was released, it wasn’t all about tapping its big fat app icons. A lot of tech savvy users have disassembled the iPad product series from time to time. Call it mere curiosity or the need to know the technical side of the gadget, the iPad has been under the knife a lot of times. Hey wait, is “under the knife” the right expression? Maybe it should be “under the screwdriver”…

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Anyhow, if you are too afraid to use a screwdriver on your newly owned iPad, you should at least know technical side of its application. Regardless of the product version, the iPad device series holds a few things in common. You should be aware of interesting stuff, such as, but not limited to the following:

  • Screen Split FTW:

The entire iPad interface is divided into portrait mode and the landscape mode. These two modes are pretty much common in tablets and smartphones these days. However what many people and first time users don’t know is that the landscape mode on the iPad can be further divided. We call it the screen split method.

By splitting the landscape mode on your iPad, you are gonna be looking at a larger selection of items into two available menus. There is a main menu and a sub menu on the device’s screen. Also, there is no chance of you getting lost in Menus and Sub Menus because a dialog box opens up to let you know where you currently are.

  •  Going back to the Roots:

If we talk about the original iPad, otherwise known as “The iPad One”, there is a low availability/ low demand factor going on. If someone, due to any reason wants to buy it, he/she may not be able to find it at a local store. Perhaps Apple’s official retailers have still got the iPad one, but that’s about it.

Anyhow, when Apple released this tablet for the first time, a lot of features were missing. However the company still made the iPad in such a way that it was compatible with the iDevice products with respect to software applications. For instance, the Mac, the iPhone, the iPod and the iPad could be connected to one another through several methods.

Since Wi-Fi+3G iPad versions were not released back in the day, you were not able to activate the flight mode.

  •  Display Attributes:

The Brightness and Contrast settings of the iPad are still top notch. Same goes for all sorts of photos/pics and whenever you feel like pulling them out, you can choose which ones to go for. The options let you customize your slide show and each photo — folds and unfolds in an Origami Animation transition.

  •  Contacts:

Your contact list may be prone to a bit of a fix because the Wi-Fi “Only” edition of the iPad won’t let you import your contacts from your SIM card. Rest assured, changes are expected in the new 3G+Wi-Fi supported iPads in near future.

The bottom line clearly showcases the spectacular display of skills that Apple possesses. You can customize a lot of things, ranging from your personal passwords to your theme of the day. With so much untapped potential, developers believe that the iPad users are bound to see some new and enhanced options in future.