While it has been confirmed through numerous sources that the iPhone 7 will feature a lightning port for earpods, hence setting up a new standard in the industry, we also hear that the basic version of the upcoming smartphone will be introduced with a minimum of 32GB memory space.

There are mixed reviews from anticipating users already. The idea of lightning port and earpods is not getting a welcomed response at this time, but on the contrary, news of increased memory space is being well received.

Though, most smartphone multimedia users rely on watching video, and listening to music content, through streaming, an extra 16Gb does not sound like a bad deal after all. Especially when you are looking to use an iPhone for a good number of years, a normal tech savvy user eventually runs out of the conventional storage space.

With the basic version of the iPhone 7 32Gb, at least the said smartphone will be brought up to the competition against rival company products. Given the fact that many applications and high end games take up good storage space, apart from a user’s collection of personal gallery items, files etc., the extra space will serve the needs of many potential buyers in the near future.

Apple’s upcoming smartphone’s cheapest edition will cost $649 approx. If you are already short on budget, or plan on buying the phone at full upfront payment, now would be the best time to start saving.