iphone 7 concept image

(Image courtesy of TechRadar)

Apple has not yet released the upcoming behemoth, i.e. the iPhone 7, but tech pundits believe that the upcoming device won’t see much change in the looks department. Some of the stuff about the soon-to-be released smartphone’s physical appearance is based on rumors, while the rest is based on actual analyst reports from critics.

If some of you know, Apple, like other companies, follows a design change cycle for its smartphones. For instance, after 2 years, Apple is known for introducing major overhaul to iPhone and as well as the iPad. By doing so, the company not only offers something new to its audience, but also maintains a healthy competition in the market.

Specifically speaking about the iPhone 7, someone asked the company’s delegate as to why the new phone will be lacking a design change. The answer is simple: the new technology and some of the on-demand features, such as the curved screen and a fingerprint scanner are still in pipeline. These features, alongside several others, will take time to be successfully tested and implemented in the iPhone franchise.

Maybe you will be able to see those anticipated design changes in iPhone 8 or iPhone 9 etc. As far as current years iPhone 7 is concerned, we will be seeing only one major change from physical aspect: there will be no headphone jack. Several tech pundits and sources have revealed that the new and upcoming smartphone will allow for wireless connectivity, instead of conventional means.

At the same time, some rumors also suggest that the iPhone 7 will be maintaining its stance on keeping the headphone jack. Instead, Apple will be offering some other change with respect to the device’s design. Anyhow, headphone jack or no headphone jack, do you think that the iPhone 7 will fare well against the slew of Android OS based smartphones?

We all know that other companies will also be revealing upcoming models of their mobile phones, particularly with more changes to their design as compared to what Apple has to offer right now.