In the middle of the ongoing government shutdown crisis, President Obama declined to cancel a recent ban on Samsung products. Allegedly, this ban was imposed by Apple, after it filed a case against Samsung for patent violation. Samsung is definitely not the first company to take the fall against Apple.

Obama during an undated Press Conference

In an attempt to seek help, Samsung requested President Obama’s office to veto the recent ban because he has the authority to make such decisions that were made by other offices/branches or the International Trade Commission for this matter.

Samsung, on the other hand, is definitely not in a good mood. The company had no other option but to follow the Administrations final decision. During this recent patent infringement case, Michael Froman: U.S. Trade Representative was assigned as Obama’s designee “on the earlier ruling with Apple and Samsung.” According to the President, before taking such a “rash” decision against Samsung, all possible outcomes were analyzed, while keeping in mind what kind of impact this action would have against Samsung’s upcoming products.

Followed by this sudden ruling, experts are of the view that Samsung will not be feeling any major hit. This is an import category ban in regards to Apple’s multitouch and sensor headphones jack patent violation. Samsung is using multi touch technology – however it is said that the Galaxy S4 is not violating such patents.

On the contrary, Michael Froman said recently, “The order expressly states that these devices and any other Samsung electronic media devices incorporating the approved design around technologies are not covered.”

Whether Samsung decides to appeal in the U.S. court in an effort to delay the ban, or goes other way around; it is not clear as of now.