Followed by a series of misadventures, the Samsung Note 7 era met an early demise. Thus, the smartphone giant went for a worldwide product recall, and issued a statement encouraging active Samsung Note 7 users to turn in their mobile phones for a refund or a replacement.


Obviously, if you are considering replacing your Note 7, you will be getting a S7 Galaxy, S7 Galaxy Edge or some other variant with adjustment in the price tag because Samsung is definitely not offering a ‘Note 7 for Note 7’ replacement scenario.

What’s going on in New Zealand with current Note 7 users?

While the entire world has already opted in for the Note 7 recall, people in New Zealand are still having a hard time letting go. There may be a possibility that they haven’t “heard” of Samsung’s motives yet, but still, the company has given ample time to all the users out there.

In fact, Samsung New Zealand will attempt to contact existing Note 7 users twice before taking the final steps, which is the permeant discontinuation of Note 7 service. It means that if the user has failed, or is not willing to turn in his/ her Note 7 by a certain date/ time, as mentioned by Samsung New Zealand, their mobile service, data connectivity, texting, calling and such features will be disabled for indefinite amount of time.

As a result, the said Note 7 can only be used as an iPod/ multimedia device and for Wi-Fi connectivity. All other functions will not be available because of safety hazards associated with the mobile phone’s usage.

According to a Samsung correspondent in New Zealand, the following statement was issued, “Numerous attempts by all providers have been made to contact owners and ask them to bring the phones in for replacement or refund; this actions should further aid the return of the remaining handsets.