Software giant, Microsoft is penetrating its tentacles in the iPhone market too. In recent news, it is reported that it is developing a new Smartphone chat app called Flow. It will be augmenting the Outlook inbox app. It will make its first appearance on iPhone and later it will be made available on android.

The new chat app for smart phones will provide ‘fast, fluid and natural conversations’. It will also enable quick communication with shedding elements like subject lines, salutations and signatures. You would be able to communicate with email contacts leaving your email inbox. It will be make the email conversation easy and lighter like the chat apps, which is a remarkable thing for an email client.


The news about the development of the smartphone chat app, Flow was discovered by one of the Twitter User. S/he has user name of h0x0d. S/he somehow managed to get a file named ‘Microsoft Confidential’. Although, Microsoft has not confirmed Flow’s existence, but some experts are saying that its existence is quite plausible. The document revealed some useful information about the new software.

It shows that the new application would be a staple to Outlook and work in similar manner as Qik works for Skype. The application Qik is also from the software manufacturer, Microsoft. Qik makes video messaging over skype simpler and quicker as it is light in weight than Vanilla Skype. With the proposed features mentioned in the document, Flow would be a lightweight cousin of Outlook and would make communication outside email inbox ‘fast, fluid and natural’.

Chat apps have been in the market for some time now. They have saturated the market but finding the right one is the real problem. These chat applications made the conversation on the Smartphone easy and quick. With their multimedia functionalities, group chat option, video messaging, games and more they have made the cellular communication a fun activity.

These communication apps have made traditional SMSing a thing obsolete. As more and more people are joining the Smartphone club, the SMS will become completely redundant.  To get the maximum market share, not only small companies but software giants such as Microsoft are making strides to capture as much share as possible. The Outlook for iOS and Android is one such step. The proposed and unveiled (so far) chat app would give the users the Windows flavor to their iPhone.

Microsoft has another application besides this proposed application on the iPhone, Accompli. Outlook is going good on iPhone too. The features such as multiple email accounts which could bring together all email contact from different email clients into one box spam filtering and soliciting important and unimportant messages and cloud computing give edge to Outlook on smart phones.

With the added chat app called Flow; these features will get enhanced as it provides more communication options than Outlook. It is more interesting that Microsoft will debut this product on iPhone. The marriage between iOS and Microsoft is going smooth and successful.  Accompli and Outlook are already on iPhone. With the new child (Flow) in the family the bond will surely get strengthened.