This U2412m Dell Monitor Looks Good in my Window

Oh yeah, it was Mark Twain who said, “Always do right; it will startle some and astonish the rest”. Yup, that’s what I did and that’s what I want you to do. I recently got me hands on the Dell Ultrasharp U2412m monitor – a great device for gaming, photo viewing, movie watching and of course… for finishing those boring work related tasks… Ughhh

Take that Bitches – Dell Ultrasharp U2412m Review for You!

Dear sir and madam, who is probably going to think that the above heading was a little too crude, pardon me for using the strong expression. However, I happened to stumble upon a variety of 4 line reviews from a bunch of potty mouthed guys who gave Dell Ultrasharp U2412m monitor negative rating without any specific reason.

What I and tons of other users call the “Twilight Effect”, the photography geeks are saying that it’s the anti glare coating showing itself. Seriously, the anti glare coating in the Ultrasharp U2412m Dell monitor is nothing but barely visible. You only see it when your screen is showing white color only. When was the last time you set your monitor screenie to white background? Of course, you don’t remember it and you don’t want to. Leave it that way.

The Good Stuff about Dell Ultrasharp U2412m Monitor:

  • Ultrasharp Dell U2412m gives a dash of vibrant display on a life like screen. Very rich picture, accurate contrast and sharpness are going to breathe a new experience in next gen visuals on this monitor’s screen.
  • By far, the viewing angles are excellent.
  • Looking for the cheapest Dell Ultrasharp U2412m price tags? Amazon and many other online retailers are selling it under $300 range. The brand new version of this monitor is available for $296, while a slightly used edition is available for $240.
  • Multiple stances allow for easy adjusting and quick screen calibration. The 45 degree swivel can make it rain graphics with the GeForce 670 GTX video card any time of the day.

The Bad Stuff about Dell Ultrasharp U2412m Monitor: 

Well apparently, the only bad thing to this monitor was the 8ms response. Probably you won’t even notice it but some users said that 8ms was too much. Yeah, as if they were going to rebuild Mount Rushmore in 8ms and this monitor just stopped them from doing that!

Seriously, 8m response time was not a deal breaker for me at least.

Dell Ultrasharp 2412m Unboxing Video | Courtesy of Youtube

Hands on Experience with the Ultrasharp U2412m Dell?

Hmmm, the hands on experience was good. It had a futuristic appeal to it. Notice the screenshots of this monitor and you will see that it can swing, swivel and stand like something out of the ordinary. The monitor is extremely lightweight, which means that you can’t handle it casually. But that’s one of its plus points, again.

So let’s start with that anti glare coating thing. Earlier, I talked about the anti glare coating in Dell Ultrasharp U2412m and said that it was more of a Twilight Effect. Imagine a room with windows, or your apartment with bright lights. Maybe you are reading this article on a monitor that’s near a table lamp.

Blimey, in this case, the Dell U2412m monitor is barely going to be a hassle. I mean the anti glare thing will not be visible at all. Users reportedly see it as a white coating of some kind. Some people said that it was a shimmer, or a shine which kind of reflected their face back to them. However, in all cases, it was to a minimum.

Now coming to the professional photographers not being able to view full color spectrum on this monitor. Yeah, that is an issue, isn’t it? If you are a professional photographer, then you must be having high quality DSLR cameras. You agree to it, don’t you? Even the DSLR camera lens is like $1,000 a piece.

So why are you wasting your time on a $300 dell monitor? As stated above already, Dell Ultrasharp U2412m is worth $300 only. You took those photos on a $3,000 camera, so $300 is by no means a match for it. “Full spectrum”? Oh cmon’, as it that’s gonna make us feel something negative about this monitor.

If you are not able to view those full spectrum photos, I implore you to buy professional monitors; the ones within a $1,000 price range. At least you wont be complaining anymore. And even if you are still not seeing those photos the way you wanted, you will not be complaining about it anymore because you just spent a huge chunk of money.

So What’s the Verdict on This Baby?

Dell Ultrasharp U2412m is by far the best monitor out there. At least, I was convinced of its features because $300 delivers a wide range of promises. You get a very high resolution (1920×1080), a very nice refresh rate, and you will not have to sell a kidney to see an improvement in graphics. This monitor has it all – it is more like a combination of different features packed within a small box.

2412m Dell Ultrasharp Has an Attitude of its Own

But still, do think about how you are going to be using this monitor. I need you to assess your requirements. Are you someone who works with graphics? Are you going to be using Dell Ultrasharp U2412m gaming modes? What if the monitor doesn’t fit your needs? It leaves you with a few choices. You can return it to Amazon, provided that you bought it within a grace period. Or you can place it for a resale at a slight discount.

In the end, this monitor does not have the HDMI port. Oh, you thought that I was going to dupe you into buying this monitor. The truth is that if you are going to be connecting your, let’s say, Xbox 360 or PS3, you will not be able to do that. Please read the product specifications carefully before buying them.

A lot of times, people have been heard saying, “Oh Dell Ultrasharp U2412m is such a great monitor but it doesn’t have an HDMI so I had to return it.” Well, whose fault was it? It was the customer’s fault because he/she failed to read the specifications. No HDMI, great graphics and an ability to fulfill your daily computer display related requirements sums it all up. Have a good day, sir.