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Hey guys, how’s it going? It is 3:52 AM in the morning, and I know it is very early to be writing a review, especially when I am newly married and my wife’s taking a nap on the bed behind me. Should I be with her? Yeah, I should be, but here I have the brand spankin new Asus VG278H 27 Inch monitor, and I was just aching to write something about it. I guess I lurve tech way too much.

By the way, if I have to write a side note on “And it’s got 3D too thing,” it was meant for laughs. Yes, this 27 Inch Asus vg series monitor has 3D, which I will talk about later, but the fact that I see so many movie titles with the word 3D in them. It kind of makes me sick. Are these guys that much desperate to send out the word about 3D thing? Get it? No? Anybody… ah well, never mind.

Numerous Reasons to Fall in Love with Asus VG278H 27 Inch Monitor:

There is nothing short of a high end video graphics card and this monitor to get outstanding 3D visuals. The 3D visual 2 technology in Asus VG278H 27 is the big take here. I mean, I have heard of and experienced normal 3D LED panels, but this one definitely sets the bar high. There is LightBoost Technology in this 27 Inch LED monitor, which is a great additional to the overall number of features.

The Nvidia 3D Vision 2 Glasses for Asus VG278H Look Awesome

The Nvidia 3D Vision 2 Glasses for Asus VG278H Look Awesome

So here are some reasons to buy Asus VG278H 27 Inch LCD Monitor right away:

3D Vision 2: With Asus’ Lightboost technology, 3D Vision 2 features sublime graphics. You will have to have a very good GPU to feel the full power of this monitor. Average class graphic cards will rake in about 25 – 33 FPS on the average, especially whenever you have enabled 3D on high end games.

LightBoost takes this Asus VG Series 27 Inch 3 Monitor’s response time to 2 Ms and that too at 120 Hz refresh rate (whether it is a fact or a theory, I will have to find out more). If you don’t know anything about monitor screen refresh rates, know this that the conventional refresh rate is usually 60Hz. At 120 Hz, this lil pup is offering 2X times the normal expected results.

Built for PC Lovers; Built by PC Lovers: This monitor is especially made for PC users. You love games; you can’t get off of your chair, so this monitor is going to be perfect. Consider the sole reason behind it; you are gonna be using Asus VG278H 27 for gaming, movies and some “recreational” stuff – it is a great combination.

The Back Side Asus VG Series VG278H Connection Panels are Hard to Reach

The Back Side Asus VG Series VG278H Connection Panels are Hard to Reach

Asus especially surveyed the market to design this monitor. In the VG series, Asus does have other monitors to its name, but this one is kind of special because they revised and added some extra stuff. However, PC users also tend to use the same accessory for multi purposes. If so, this monitor is not for you.

Gaming Looks Awesome on the Asus VG278H 27: Yeah, how could I forget gaming, the most important element of all. It is the sweet nectar of life for gamers. No doubt this monitor will give you great results on non 3D mode, and even better results in 3D. I do have a few recommendations thought. For instance, you will need a good cooling system and an overall low temperature environment to use this monitor.

There must be a few knobheads aching to say, “Hey I am using the Asus VG278H 27 in my small room. In summer season the temperature goes yaaay high and I’ve had no trouble.” I agree; you never had any trouble on your quest to overheat computer accessories. But cmon’ this is a $500+ monitor; are you going to treat it that way?

More so, you will need a high powered graphics card. Nvidia and ATI, both of them are selling some nifty stuff out there at Amazon. Research the market and buy a GPU that suits your needs. I already mentioned that at 3D Vision 2 enabled, the monitor tends to drop the frame rates a little bit. If the card is powerful enough, it can maintain the frame rate without interrupting your gameplay.

The Official VG Series Ready for Gamers Trademark Statement on Asus VG278H 27

Asus VG278H 27 Inch LED is a Go-To Monitor for PC Lovers:

Why do I sound so salesy right now? Really, on the note of trying to upsell, I am not doing that. For some reason, or maybe for a couple of reasons, I just seem to be in love with this monitor right now. Maybe because I love 3D gaming, and just finished God of War Ascension on my Samsung 3D TV, I am kind of in the mood for three dimensional stuff.

However, all things aside, you don’t really have to buy Asus VG278H 27 just because I am praising it so much. As a matter of fact, the Asus VG278HE is a slightly similar model that is $100 cheaper than this one. You can order the VG278HE online, instead of going for this one. For the Asus VG278H 27 Inch LED monitor, my rig was based on an Nvidia Tesla card, and the default glasses that come with this monitor.

But the fact that gaming, alone, is quite awesome on this monitor, it does take a hit on other areas of performance. Let’s say, you are watching Blu Ray movies, the black bars will look ugly because of backlight bleeding and all. This bleeding effect will show whenever you will look at the edges of the letterbox while playing most of the Blu Ray content.

LightBoost is Special because…?

Of course, I have made mention of the LightBoost technology a few times in this Asus VG278H 27 review. If you are wondering what LightBoost is; well, it is a feature that is essential to gamers these days. With this particular feature, the brightness factor gets notched up a little. Games appear “ghost free”, with brighter display and vibrant visuals. Slap the 3D effect on it, and you are gunning for an out of mind experience.

Side Note: The 3D Vision 1 standard did not have the LightBoost technology in it.

Asus VG278H 27 Menu Settings?

The menu is a little annoying in the beginning. You are bound to make a few mistakes here and there, while learning the basic, but that is okay. There are some settings in the Asus VG278H 27 menu, which require you to back out all the way. In this kind of situation, you will have to reopen the menu and reenter the sub monitor menu, which is pretty annoying at first.

NewEgg Reviews the Asus VG278H 27 Inch Full HD LED Monitor | Youtube Videos

If you are looking for the VG278H 27 Inch monitor’s calibration settings, you will have to dig in deeper. I heard some guy at Amazon who was pointing to an offsite calibration settings link, but I didn’t click it. The link appeared to be a little cryptic. Anyhow, feel free to search for this monitor’s calibration manual.

Asus VG278H 27 Design Highlights – As Seen at CNET Reviews

Design and feature highlights 
Connectivity:DVI, HDMI, VGA
Ergonomic options:15-degree back tilt, 4.5-inch height adjustment
Resolution:1,920×1,080 pixels
Aspect ratio:16:9
Audio:Built-in speakers; headphones jack
VESA wall-mount support:Yes
Included video cables:DVI, VGA
Panel type:TN
Screen film:Matte
Number of presets:6
Picture options:Brightness, contrast
Color controls:RGB and 3 color temperature options
Gamma control:Yes
Additional features:Nvidia 3D, 120Hz refresh rate

Official Asus Company Wallpaper - Google Images

Most of your content on this monitor will run fine. I mean there are over 500 games, all dating back to Sam and Max adventures, which people don’t play that much. These games run fine on this Asus VG278H 27 model. There are a few exceptions though. Take Deus Ex (2000 Edition) of the game. Whenever you will increase the 3D Depth, the Heads Up Display will go bonkers.

The latest titles, such as Tomb Raider 2013 version, Sleeping Dogs, and rest of the cast run great. These game show off better 3D effects because they have tons of in game objects to interact with. In Tomb Raider, Lara walks through clutter, grazes against rocks and this is the kind of stuff that makes 3D really worth watching on the Asus VG278H 27.

On the Subject of Green Tinted Nvidia 3D Glasses:

To support the Asus VG278H 27 3D Vision 2 technology, Nvidia provides glasses with this monitor. It is a really nice pair of glasses but one thing that I don’t get is the green tint. Why Nvidia added the green tint? I am guessing that green color is sort of like their Logo’s part, and green is something that identifies Nvidia, so they introduced this “unique” effect.

However, when watching movies, the green tint on 3D Vision 2 glasses also makes things look green. The sight kind of gives a scenic effect, which is all too great for scenery based movies, such as Jurassic Part, but mostly irritating. During games, the green tint doesn’t bother at all, so don’t worry about it.

Final Recommendation about the Asus VG278H 27?

$549 is a lot of money to be askin’ for this monitor. I made mention of a slightly cheaper version of the Asus VG series monitors. It is up to you to purchase it. However, if you are a hard core gamer and love 3D content with latest technology, the Asus VG278H 27 was made for you. Really, it was.

If games are not your main concern but you are thinking of multi purposing, you are better off with ViewSonic and BenQ monitors.

Word from Asus – Bigger. Brighter. Better.

To play the best, you need to see with the best. The all-new 27-inch VG278H LED 3D monitor is the only one of its kind with the latest 3D technology, superior visuals, and ergonomic versatility to turn your past gaming experience on its head. The first monitor with NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 Technology, the VG278H is specially-designed to deliver the brightest 3D gaming and cinema thanks to NVIDIA 3D LightBoost Technology that boosts brightness 2x more than before and the LED-backlit panel.