Here’s a theory regarding Google Coming on Top

Mehwish Salman

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21 Oct

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Long ago, Stanford’s Sergey Brin and Larry Page founded Google. The search engine used to be a loner, until it started gaining popularity. Now the same company is earning billions of dollars in revenue and there is no other business capable of beating Google. At least that’s what it seems for the time being.

Sergey Brin demos Google Glass at a Press Conference

Sergey Brin Explaining the concept of Google Glass during a Press Conference

From advertising campaigns, to application market – Google is everywhere. On the other side we’ve got rivals that once used to be kings of the hill. Yahoo and MSN didn’t take a lot of things seriously. I mean, MSN would always offer Windows Live as a perk. I get it; they were trying to centralize things, but Windows apps were heavier and resource hungry at the time.

Such mistakes, when combined with others, led rival companies against Google to commit fraud or sell keyword results. Believe me, keywords to some search engines are the only thing that are keeping them alive. Yahoo, AltaVista and MSN sell keywords and that’s how they gain revenue.

At Google, “Nothing is impossible”, is the mantra of employees. They never give up and sometimes, out of the blue, Google just develops an algorithm that seems unbeatable to competitors. Not to forget the fact that they released Android operating system a long time ago, success seems like an endless road to Google these days. There’s no coming back, I guess.

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