Powdered Alcohol creator: Mark Phillips defends his invention against possible FDA ban

Casey Nolan

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9 May

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Mark Philips, creator and inventor behind ‘Palcohol’, recently faced utmost criticism from the FDA, the Senate and a couple of nitwits in the alcohol manufacturing industry. Basically, Phillips came up with the idea of powdered alcohol; it is a dry form matter and according to the inventor, is just as much effective as traditional alcohol.

Mark Phillips - Creator of Palcohol

However, ‘Palcohol’ was labelled as an unsafe product which is more than likely to get banned by the FDA and the guys who control the alcohol business monopoly. Everyone did not view Phillips’ invention with the same degree of reverence as an ordinary imbiber does.

New York Senator: Charles Schumer called upon the Food and Drug Administration because he believes that ‘Palcohol’ is unsafe and not fit for use. In his defense, the Senator wrote a letter to the FDA, stating that the said product can be put to misuse, i.e. people can snort the powder, conceal it and carry it around without any element of check and balance to be imposed.

On the contrary, Mark Phillips released a long video at YouTube, clarifying his stance on the existence of ‘Palcohol’, and the fact that it should be regulated, legalized and taxed by the government officials. Phillips said that it would be extremely painful to snort ‘Palcohol’ because it does not work like cocaine or such similar drugs.

On an average scale, it would take at least an hour to “snort” the powder in order to get the equivalent high as that of one liquid form serving of this powder. Some of the Senator Schumer remarks were ruled out by Mark as “unprofessional,” “riddled with inaccuracies,” and “irresponsible statements.” Later on, Phillips demonstrated how easy it is to mix the ‘Palcohol’ pouch in a glass of water, or vice versa, to create the drink.

Personally, I think that the guy invented something based on an original concept. He envisions ‘Palcohol’ use in a very general sense. While it is true that this powdered product can be used for human consumption, people can also create pesticides, antiseptics, and any other side product for the welfare of mankind.

It is all a matter of opinion and how the end product is eventually put to use when it is released in the market. All the best to Mark Phillips and the entire team behind ‘Palcohol’. 

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